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3 dating apps that will snag you a keeper

When finding Mr. Right Now is more important than finding Mr. Right.

Take a tech community that has pioneered GPS-based apps; combine with a high percentage of single Millenials. Result: Israel is Ground Zero for the latest in dating apps. Here are three that are a traditional matchmaker’s worst nightmare: 

1. Blendr


 Created by Joel Simkhai, the Israeli-born founder of Grindr, Blendr targets the straight crowd, using GPS sensors to link nearby men and women with similar interests (and attractiveness levels). Simkhai said, “As a gay man, I probably understand straight women more than straight guys do.”

Pro: Great for low-commitment trysts.

Con: Niceness doesn't count. It's all about that perfect selfie.

 2. Migo


Migo co-founders Amit Eldar and Shay Bloch (who both met their wives through mutual friends) created Migo so that singles could meet each other the old-fashioned way – through “friends of friends.” Sign up for the Migo app, designate which of your Facebook friends you want to be your “matchmakers,” and you’ll see lists of all of their single friends’ profiles. Send a message to your mutual friend asking for an intro, et voila: a pre-vetted date.

Pro: Your mother would approve.

Con: Your mother would approve.

3. 4 Singles


Another geo-based app. This one’s available in various languages – English, Hebrew, German, French, Italian, Russian, Spanish and Turkish at last count – so the next time you find yourself at a hostel, or the UN, you can cruise on foreigners.  As the app’s own description page says, “Modern times call for modern measures.”

Pro: Attraction knows no borders — this app casts a wide net.

Con: Rude surprises about foreign dating customs.


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3 dating apps that will snag you a keeper
Need help finding your match? These 3 new dating apps can help.