SAT test prep books SAT test prep books Tests like the SAT were originally developed to replace the individual assessment tests that universities crafted on their own. (Photo: Mario Tama/Getty Images)

Free SAT test study guide is now on your phone

New app offers students an alternative to expensive courses and private tutors.

Skimming through a little-known Mark Twain essay and then rapidly answering critical reading questions about it may not be your favorite way to spend a Saturday (and no, you can't just write "I've never let my school interfere with my education – Mark Twain" across the answer sheet).

But the SATs are bound to happen, and high school students want to be prepared. For many students, prepping for the SATs is a part of life, and an expensive one at that. Prep programs and tutors can cost upwards of thousands of dollars, which is unrealistic for many parents and Einsteins-in-training.

That's why apps offer less expensive alternatives to courses and private tutors. LTG Exam Platform is a company based in Israel whose apps are already used by over half million students worldwide, from high school students to prospective grad students.

The company's founder Elad Shoushan, who attended both the Technion Institute in Israel and MIT in Massachusetts, actually founded the company while in grad school himself. "The platform, created by a team from MIT and Harvard, allows students to study comprehensive lessons, practice questions, test skills, play brain-training games and connect with certified tutors worldwide," the company states.

The app uses an algorithm that detects a person's individual learning patterns and crafts unique study plans for that student. "Our apps were inspired by our own successes, failures and frustrations studying for standardized tests," LTG explains.

LTG is planning on creating an even more individualized approach by enabling developers to make additional features, which we hope will include a convenient Mark Twain quote generator.


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Free SAT test study guide is now on your phone
Free SAT test study guide app is now on your phone.