Wifi on beach Wifi on beach Photo: Masson/Shutterstock

Surf the web and the waves with free beach Wi-Fi

Public Wi-Fi comes to Israel’s coastal city with 80 free hotspots.

Headed to the Israeli shores of Tel Aviv? Don’t forget your laptop. Along with your novels and fashion magazines, you can now access the web from the sand, thanks to Digi-Tel, a new technology initiative that’s led to the creation of 80 free Wi-Fi hot spots across the city.

Visitors to Tel Aviv will no longer need to buy a cup of coffee in a café in order to use a  Wi-Fi network. Free Internet access is now available in public parks, malls and even on the boardwalk.

Not only can residents fill out all municipal forms online, but they can also opt to be sent real-time updates about exciting events and offers in their area – from last-minute theater ticket deals to a digital discount card that offers reduced admission to concerts and museums – which would surely be a hit with culture buffs in the U.S. For drivers, Digi-Tel provides up-to-the-minute traffic reports and an app that shows available parking spots – something that anyone who’s spent an evening circling the block can appreciate.

Mayor Ron Huldai explains, “It’s part of our vision of making everything as accessible and open to residents as possible.” 

2Wi-Fi spots throughout Tel Aviv (Map courtesy Tel Aviv Municipality)


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Surf the web and the waves with free beach Wi-Fi
Free beach Wi-Fi comes to Tel Aviv with the addition of 80 hot spots.