Feed your cat from miles away with bizarre new invention

Cat2See also allows users who are not at home to play with their pets over the Internet.

At any given moment, felines the world over can be found lounging around the house – carelessly lying on the couch or alert at the front window. Often, they’re home alone and are just trying to pass the time until dinner.

Enter Cat2See (which joins fellow Israeli invention DogTV). The Tel Aviv-based startup enables pet owners to feed and play with their feline friends even when they’re on a different continent. Inventor Gil Gelfand combined a webcam, an automatic feeder, and a super slick iPhone app and – voila! – your cat will never be left alone again.

“With a webcam, you see what your cat is up to, and when they are hungry,” Gelfand explained to the Times of Israel. “You control the feeder with your phone, and with the touch of a button you dispense food.”

But Cat2See is more than just a souped-up feeder. The interactive webcam also allows owners to play with their cats even when they’re miles away using a remote-controlled toy connected to the Internet. Humans can also capture photos and videos of their cat while they’re away, and post them to Instagram for all to see. (Cat2See staffers choose their favorite photos each day and post them to their Facebook page.)

Cat2See is hitting the market at just the right moment. According to the American Pet Products Association, pet owners spent a whopping $55.8 billion on their furry companions last year.


(Headline photo: Courtesy Cat2See)


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Feed your cat from miles away with bizarre new invention
Cat2See allows you to interact and play with your pets over the Internet, no matter how far from home you are.