Concertgoer takes photos at concert Concertgoer takes photos at concert EyeIn makes it easy to find photos that people take at events, all with a simple search. (Photo: zeljkodan / Shutterstock)

EyeIn searches social web and delivers a more personal photo experience

New software combs Twitter, Facebook and Instagram for best images of a concert or sporting event.

Did you ever search for photos from a concert or event on social media and get nothing but selfies and blurry shots of the stage taken from the back of the arena? Moshe Hogeg, the founder of the Israeli-based photo sharing site Mobli and messaging app Yo, can sympathize. This is why Mobli created its flagship product, EyeIn, which launched yesterday.

What does EyeIn do? It searches social media feeds, such as Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, for the most relevant photos and videos from an event, as they're being posted in real time. But instead of just dumping all the photos from that event into the results, it uses image recognition algorithms to serve the most relevant photos. The software also searches the audio in video clips for context. TechCrunch explains that EyeIn can sense that a big moment at a sporting event just happened by testing the audio levels of the video's crowd noise.

People who want to search for photos or events can do so via EyeIn's website (screenshot below) or mobile app. There is also a plugin available so web developers can utilize it on their own sites and blogs.

EyeInA screen shot of EyeIn's website. (Photo: Screenshot via EyeIn)

The uses for EyeIn are endless: For instance, you can see the presenters at a conference or what's at the various booths, not selfie pictures of the hot dog vendors. You can search and then receive images from a breaking news event, not fuzzy home video that doesn't show anything. Or you can view images from a concert and actually see what Beyoncé is wearing.

Hoegeg thinks the sky's the limit for EyeIn. "I imagine EyeIn as the industry standard, bringing out rich content for every article, content that is relevant and not just another ad," he told Geektime.

Here's more info from Hogeg, at an interview conducted at the launch event in Tel Aviv:


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