Rememory Packs antique stencil kit Rememory Packs antique stencil kit These stencil designs are inspired by the company founders' birthplace of Haifa, Israel. (Photo: Nisnas Industries)

5 must-have cool tools for DIY project addicts

Going craft commando this weekend? Here are a few gadgets you might not have tried yet.

Does every surface become a canvas in your head? Do you dream of stencil patterns and fabric swatches while everyone else is dreaming of beach vacations and lottery winnings? Do you check Pinterest more often than you check your work email?

If you answered "yes" to any of these, you might be a DIY addict. We're not judging you; in fact, we're celebrating you and your homespun creativity. And we're giving you even more reasons to indulge that addiction with some new and new-ish gadgets to try out on your next DIY project.

Liquid stainless steel paint

You didn't buy that stainless steel refrigerator because it was out of your budget, right? Well, now you don't have to wait for that raise you've been hoping for at work. Nor do you have to wait for money to fall out of the sky. You can just go buy a can of paint that's made of actual stainless steel and brush it onto your outdated appliances for an instant modern look.

Antique floor tile stencil kit

This is a great hack if your floor designs are looking a bit ... flat. You buy one of these packs, take a stencil, use a spray or brush paint, and create beautiful antique tile patterns on your tiles. There's no shortage of these kits on the market, but this one is unique: it also comes with a personal story. The developers behind the Rememory packs are from Israel, and its designs are an homage to their birthplace of Haifa, a coastal Mediterranean city. It's a beautiful and varied city burgeoning with historic homes and buildings, some of which have been restored to their 19th-century glory.

Contractor pen

Fisher Space Contractor PenThis pen works on every surface on any planet. Because you never know. (Photo: Fisher Space Pen)

There's a reason this tool is called "the hardest-working gift around." It's a contractor pen that's also a level, drywall gauge and ruler. And in case your design space happens to be in your new Mars habitat, fear not: this pen is designed to withstand the extreme temperatures and conditions of space. It writes upside down, in freezing cold and hot temperatures, underwater, on wood, on aluminum and on galvanized steel. You'll surely be designing to infinity and beyond.

Magnetic picture hanger

It's hang time. Lose the frustrating hooks and wimpy wires, and hang your wall pictures straight and even every time. This easy magnetic picture hanger eliminates the need for drilling unsightly holes. Finally, that gallery wall can be finished without enlisting another set of eyes for that all-important "is it straight yet? How about now?" interrogation.

Permanent fabric markers

fabric markersI used markers, but any kind of fabric paint could work. (Photo: Ilana E. Strauss/From the Grapevine)

From The Grapevine staff writer Ilana Strauss doesn't see stains; she sees opportunities. She recently put her drawing skills to good use and breathed new life into stained clothes, using these permanent fabric markers that you can buy at most arts and crafts stores. You can do it, too, quite easily. When you've secured these handy markers, go and check out Ilana's step-by-step how-to guide for turning those unsightly stains into adorable art designs.


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5 must-have cool tools for DIY project addicts
If you like DIY projects, you'll want to try these crafty gadgets for your next home-improvement indulgence.