The groundbreaking uMake software allows easy 3D modeling on an iPad. The groundbreaking uMake software allows easy 3D modeling on an iPad. The groundbreaking uMake software allows easy 3D modeling on an iPad. (Photo: Franck Boston / Shutterstock)

Designers delight in new tool that lets you draw in 3D on your iPad

uMake is rolling out a program that lets you sketch 3D models on the go.

It's the world we live in, so it was only a matter of time until it became the world we design in: 3D technology (the new-fangled kind) is coming into use more and more, from 3D-printed hearts that save lives to 3D maps that change how we think about our own brains.

A startup in Israel called uMake has created a piece of software that lets you easily sketch 3D models on your iPad, for all that on-the-go designing you like to do. The Tel Aviv-based company was co-founded by Evi Meyer, an NYU whiz kid who started dabbling in computer code when he was just 15 and growing up in Israel.

"Ever since Filippo Brunelleschi defined linear perspective, the humble sketch has been confined to two dimensions on paper, napkins, sticky notes and whiteboards. Until now," reads the company website.

And then there's possibly the best news, which is that the lowest level of membership is free. That lets you create up to 10 designs, which you can export as PNG files. The pro account, which costs $15 a month, lets you do a lot more – including edit unlimited designs, export more file types, use advanced editing, duplicate designs and add photos for reference.

"It literally allows creatives to 'think different' and work in different ways than they might have in the past, and this is important because our needs as creatives are more varied and spontaneous than they have ever been," uMake explains on their blog.

uMake has come a long way since its start in April 2014. It was part of the Apple iPad Pro launch announcement, and it was featured on the App Store as the Editor's Choice.

"We did a ton of research and worked around the clock until finally this crazy idea, this dream, became a reality," write the founders. "We do know that this new approach of sketching in 3D opens a new door for unlimited creativity, all in a 3D space."


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