Curve allows you to turn all those credit cards into one. Curve allows you to turn all those credit cards into one. Curve is a startup that helps you consolidate all your plastic into one card.

How to combine your credit cards into one super card

Curve's concept promises all the benefits of mobile payments, plus less bulk in your wallet from multiple cards.

While your credit score stands to gain from multiple credit cards in good standing, your peace of mind may not. Having to keep track of the expenditures on all your different accounts can be a headache, not to mention keeping track of the physical objects themselves: Having to rifle through your wallet looking for a particular card can be a pain, as well as learning that you forgot the card you needed.

But what to do?

Curve is a startup that helps you consolidate all that plastic into one card. Run on the Mastercard network, Curve allows you to install a corresponding app and then manually add your cards to it. It then syncs them with the Curve card and voila, your own "master" card. Curve acts just like a standard bank card because it really is a standard bank card – it works with chip-and-pin, magstripe and contactless technologies.

Headquartered in London, Curve was launched last year by Shachar Bialick, an Israeli entrepreneur, along with two tech-savvy partners.

While some might argue the market is saturated with smart credit card devices, Curve sets itself apart with its minimalism. No added gadgetry or services needed. As Bialick recently told VentureBeat, the service succeeds because of its simplicity.

“We’re not another new bank or extra service to deal with; we transform your existing fragmented financial world into somewhere crystal clear, designed for the user,” he said.

“Mobile payments have the potential to bring similar benefits, but cards work everywhere and people are used to them. So we’ve created the best of both worlds – all the benefits of mobile payments via a groundbreaking card.”

While Curve is free to use, there is an initial $50 fee for the card. And though still in its initial consumer-facing phase, with a soft launch underway in the U.K., it should be available to citizens of the European Union soon and folks further abroad (looking at you, USA) at some point in the not-too-distant future.


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