Mantis Vision Mantis Vision Mantis Vision's MV4D technology will allow people to create 3D videos via their mobile phones. (Photo: Screenshot via Mantis Vision / YouTube)

Company takes 3D to the next dimension

Mantis Vision hopes to roll out technology that will make 3D possible for mobile devices.

You know those three-dimensional photos you find online, where you can tour a house for sale or a room at a nice bed and breakfast? Mantis Vision wants people to create those kinds of photos on their mobile phones, whether they're taking pictures of a concert, a sculpture or their kids.

The Israeli company has created a technology called "MV4D" that combines a chipset, software, flash and camera that allows a phone to map the area around itself. Also, judging by the video below, MV4D will eventually let you connect to other users to stitch the videos together for a true 360-degree view.

Mantis Vision's site uses a wedding as an example; imagine seeing the ceremony from all angles, instead of the static ones chosen by your photographer and videographer. Compare the static experience to being able to stitch all those smartphone videos of that wedding together, only the videos are in 3D. Pretty neat, huh?

Qualcomm thinks so. MV4D uses Qualcomm chipset, and the company's venture capital arm has repeatedly invested in Mantis Vision. Qualcomm is part of the company's latest round of funding, which should give Mantis Vision a chance to penetrate the mobile market. Google also believes in Mantis Vision. Google uses the MV4D technology in its Project Tango tablet, which may help the company build a 3D map of the world.

So if in the near future, you'll be able to walk around your favorite city without leaving the couch, you'll have the folks at Mantis Vision to thank.


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