Students at the University of California Berkeley campus enjoy a warm day outdoors on the grass. Students at the University of California Berkeley campus enjoy a warm day outdoors on the grass. You can now tour campuses like the University of California Berkeley no matter where you are, thanks to virtual reality. (Photo: cdrin/Shutterstock)

Visit colleges around the world without leaving home

You Visit offers 3D and virtual reality campus tours for students.

With summer coming to a close and college on the horizon, high school seniors might be thinking about attending a school far from home. Luckily, you don't have to go to a campus to see it anymore. Online college tours have been gaining popularity for years, and they're finally starting to come into their own, thanks to virtual reality.

A new site appropriately named You Visit offers virtual college tours with both virtual reality and 360-degree tours of various college campuses around the world, from the U.S. to England to Israel.

einstein dormsIsrael's Tel Aviv University is one of the most entrepreneurial colleges in the world. (Photo: Screenshot/You Visit)

For instance, the above is a view of the "Einstein Dorms" in Israel's Tel Aviv University, a university responsible for recently discovering that half your friends aren't really your friends (so you won't miss them when you go to college).

Through You Visit, you can "walk" through different areas of tons of college, from powerhouses like Harvard in Massachusetts to small liberal arts schools like Whittier College in California.

In addition to looking at 3D tours online, users can get some Oculus Rift goggles and see the virtual reality version of all these places.

Not that the company only offers college tours. They also make tours related to travel, events, real estate, hospitality, business and restaurants. They've even started getting into concerts.

“One of the things that people enjoy the most is going backstage, or checking out what’s happening behind the scenes," said You Visit CEO Abi Mandelbaum. The company is making concerts "4D" by adding things like vibrating chairs.

"...we added that extra dimension by placing the viewer into a chair that would vibrate and move based on the music," explained Mandelbaum. "So as everything is going on, you’re feeling the music in your body. The floor is vibrating and everything is changing, not just the sound itself.”


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Visit colleges around the world without leaving home
New company You Visit is offering 3D and virtual reality college tours from around the world.