3d printing bench 3d printing bench The materials used to make this are actually pretty environmentally friendly. (Photo: Courtesy of Eco Concrete Ideas)

You won't believe this bench was built using old paper

A fancy new machine is crafting eco-friendly furniture molds with recycled paper.

This bench was molded with paper. You heard me: paper.

Skitza Print, an Israeli design firm, got its hands on a Highcon Euclid digital cutting machine. We're not totally sure what that is either, but apparently it turns 3D models into molds.

The folks at Skitza Print created a mold from 4,000 layers of recyclable paper. They then filled it with concrete and tore away the paper layers (which can be used to make more molds.) Watch the process in the video below:


The result? A suave-looking bench made by Israeli designers Eyal Nir and Adir Zilber. They call it "Morpheus," and it's being exhibited in Taipei at World Design Capital Taipei 2016 through mid-August. The whole thing took only three weeks to make; with older technology, it would have taken months.

Concrete has been around for thousands of years. With the now-popular advent of 3D printing, people are finding all kinds of interesting ways to use the ancient material, from saving lives to making bold fashion choices.

This new technology is promising to create some pretty interesting products since it allows for a kind of flexibility of design that was previously impossible. And who wants to sit on the same old bench designs everyday?


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You won't believe this bench was built using old paper
Check out this fancy new digital cutting machine that's crafting eco-friendly furniture molds with recycled paper.