Tamir Goodman and the Zone190 Tamir Goodman and the Zone190 Tamir Goodman, the creator of the Zone190 basketball training system. (Photos: Zone190)

Basketball players get an assist from trampoline training tool

Former pro Tamir Goodman's invention aims to make players stronger, faster and more competitive.

A miniature trampoline for basketballs has proven a surprisingly simple and effective tool to recreate professional passes, meaning players no longer require a partner to train.

Initially developed as a training device to enable injured players to practice, the Zone190 training system is now being used by healthy teams to practice everything from the pick-n-roll to taking a pass and shooting.

"When I was alone in the gym rehabbing my knee, I realized that there was no training device that enabled players to catch the ball from the same angles they would catch it in the game," inventor Tamir Goodman, a former Maccabi Tel Aviv player, told From The Grapevine.

Goodman's design is engineered to enable a consistent bounce-back effect that accurately recreates professional passes. The system also assists in improving stationary crossover dribbling and footwork.

ZONE190 basketball training systemThe Zone190 has been purchased by NBA teams such as the Detroit Pistons.

"One exciting moment that stands out for me is when I got to watch one of our NBA customers using Zone190 for off-the-court training, specifically for conditioning, core strengthening and agility training," Goodman said.

Several NBA teams are now using Zone190, and it's making inroads into high schools, basketball camps and homes of players looking to improve their game. "Almost all players and coaches are excited about Zone190 when they first hear about it and come to love it even more after they try it out," he said.

Physical and occupational therapists are also discovering its benefits.

"We had the therapeutic benefits in mind from the start and are glad that it is useful to patients as well as to special-needs children who are also using and enjoying Zone190," Goodman said.

Goodman, who currently lives in the United States but is planning a move with his family back to Israel this fall, said that the Israeli culture is partially responsible for inspiring him to pursue his new business. "Some defining characteristics of Israeli society – being optimistic, resilient, and thinking out of the box – helped me to bring Zone190 to market," he said. 

Check out a video of Zone190 in action below:


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