High-tech goggles can help skiers better see the slopes. High-tech goggles can help skiers better see the slopes. High-tech goggles can help skiers better see the slopes. (Photo: RideOn)

The ultimate reality goggles for skiers on the run

New augmented vision RideOn wearable adds social media to the slopes.

You always buy the latest winter gear and have licked every black diamond hill in a 100-mile radius. So what’s new in store for ski and snowboarding enthusiasts come fall 2015?

Early bird supporters of the new RideOn goggles are already lining up off the slopes. The augmented reality goggles are the must-have gadget for next winter.

RideOn goggles are like Google Glass, but on snow: the eye protection headset equipped with an HD video camera, wireless functions, games and navigation controls turns any run into an extreme and social sport. Action is controlled gloves- and voice-free, through a menu that can be toggled with a glance.

RideOn hyper-reality goggles let wearers plug into games and friends' networks on the slopes. Put them on, and with a glance you can toss virtual snowballs at your pals, or challenge yourself with a slalom run as RideOn superimposes loops on the snow for you to ride through – as though they were really there. In record mode, make HD professional quality movies to share in real time, use GPS and navigation functions to grab a beer, or meet for the long lift ride up.

The latest-in-wearables goggles were recently featured at Microsoft’s Think Next gadget event in Israel, where the RideOn was invented. The goggles can be pre-ordered now and are estimated to ship this November.

"One cool thing that RideOn seems to be doing is social media on the mountain, so you know where your friends are, and you can access that experience without having to take your gloves off, which is a pain in the butt," Mark Changizi, an American author, neurobiologist and expert on visual illusions, told From the Grapevine.

What could make RideOn the hottest gizmo for the coolest sport? Changizi weighs in: "They could build in artificial furniture or more contrasts on the snow so that you could see the landscape better for optic flow. Imagine you are skiing down a mountain and you can’t really see in front of you. It’s all white and it all looks the same. Imagine you are just a beginner skier or snowboarder. The tool can say 'ski here.' Or 'don’t go straight down, turn now to avoid the tree.' This kind of feature could make skiing better, easier and a lot safer.”

While RideOn is not the first wearable headset, glasses or eyewear of its kind to be invented, it is made for the coldest days and nights. A follow feature can help you track your friends down the slopes, so at the end of a long day you can find the best fireplace to warm your toes.

Tzur Erez (left), Ori Kotek (center), Alon Getz (right) are the inventors of the RideOn goggles.Tzur Erez (left), Ori Kotek (center) and Alon Getz (right) are the inventors of the RideOn goggles. (Photo: RideOn)


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