Tim Cook of Apple Tim Cook of Apple "We have an enormous admiration for Israel," says Apple CEO Tim Cook. (Photo: Justin Sullivan / Getty Images)

Apple further expands its Israel offices

Tech giant to increase hires at its research and development center.

Apple is a company with an eye toward growth, and that doesn't seem to be stopping anytime soon.

Its largest research and development headquarters outside of the U.S. opened earlier this year in Herzliya, a tech hub just north of Tel Aviv. And now comes word that the beloved brand has already decided to expand those offices. The initial plans called for a massive 180,000 square feet of space that would house 800 employees. The new plans call for more space to accommodate hundreds of additional new hires. Apple's Israel headquarters are located in the new state-of-the-art Gav Yam 02 office park.

An architectural rendering of the O2 office park in Herzliya, home to Apple's Israel R&D offices.An architectural rendering of the O2 office park in Herzliya, home to Apple's Israel R&D offices. (Photo: Courtesy Yashar Architects)

Apple has been bullish on expanding its work in Israel, acquiring four local tech companies since 2011 – spanning everything from memory chips to 3D sensors for video games. Most recently, Apple purchased LinX Computational Imaging Ltd, a company that produces innovative cameras for smartphones and tablets.

Johny Srouji, a graduate of Israel's Technion Institute of Technology, was recently promoted to vice president of Hardware Technologies at Apple. He reports directly to CEO Tim Cook, and together they traveled to Israel in February to open the new headquarters. "Apple is in Israel because the engineering talent and the brilliance of the people are incredible," Cook said. "We have an enormous admiration for Israel." According to Cook, more than 6,000 iPhone app developers also reside in Israel.

Apple follows in the footsteps of other Silicon Valley giants. Google, Facebook, Motorola and Samsung have all opened offices in Israel in recent years. Microsoft’s R&D center in Israel will host its annual technology event, Think Next 2015, starting next week.

"It's very exciting to see Apple expand their footprint in the startup nation," Ari Roisman, CEO of Israel-based Glide, told From The Grapevine. His iPhone app, which allows people to easily send video messages to friends and family, recently introduced a version for the Apple Watch. "It's no doubt a trend we will continue to see among the world's smartest technology companies."


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