A LiveLens screenshot on Google Glass. A LiveLens screenshot on Google Glass. A LiveLens screenshot on Google Glass. (All photos: LiveLens)

Live-streaming service adds a monetizing option

Now you can get paid for video broadcasts to your friends and followers.

From YouTube to UStream, there are plenty of tools out there that allow users to broadcast their lives through technology known as live-streaming. Real-time video feeds have become a big hit around the Internet, with people streaming everything from live cooking shows to concerts and events. Until recently, however, monetizing those streams has often been cumbersome.

When the Tel Aviv-based live-streaming app LiveLens updated its application in May, it set out to change all that. The update allows users to easily charge viewers for their streams. It also lets them leave monetary tips for users they follow, as a voluntary token of appreciation.

"This is part of the app evolution," LiveLens founder and CEO Max Bluvband told From the Grapevine. "We understood that for good content, users should get paid for it."

A LiveLens screenshot on iPhone.LiveLens screenshot on iPhone.

For Bluvband, it was personal experience that served as inspiration to create LiveLens.

"When I took videos of my kids or friends, I have noticed that no one can see it," he said. "Yes, I can upload it to YouTube, prepare an email and send the link to everyone, but do we really have the time (to do that) for every video? Do we really know how to do it?"

LiveLens was created in a way that makes sharing a stream with friends and followers as simple as clicking "Go Live." Your followers get a notification that you're streaming live, and you can immediately see who is watching, commenting on or liking the stream. You can price your video for streaming, and followers can leave you tips.

LiveLens CEO & Founder Max Bluvband.LiveLens CEO and founder Max Bluvband. 

Bluvband has already seen some interesting examples of LiveLens being put to use by high-profile people and sites.

"Sawyer Hartman (a director living in Los Angeles) talks about his upcoming productions," he said. "Another good example is Fashionista.com, which streams fashion tips."

As for LiveLens, this latest update is only the beginning for Bluvband and company. They have even bigger things planned for the future.

"LiveLens is aiming to be the world social platform for live sharing," he says. "This is our goal."

A LiveLens screenshot on iPhone.A LiveLens screenshot on iPhone. 

A LiveLens screenshot on Google Glass.A LiveLens screenshot on Google Glass. 


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Live-streaming service adds a monetizing option
Making money from sharing your life online just got easier, as LiveLens has added a monetizing function to its live-streaming service.