Street Theme Street Theme Each of the floors at Google's Tel Aviv office has a unique, Israel-inspired theme. (Photo: Itay Sikolski / Camenzind Evolution)

Take a visual tour of Google's office in Tel Aviv

With interesting themes, game rooms and even a sauna, this office is more like a city.

Restaurants. Video games. A gym. A slide. Forget wanting to work here — we'd like to live here.

In short, Google's office in Tel Aviv is 86,000+ square feet of awesome. Occupying seven floors in Electra Tower, this unconventional office space houses the company's engineering, sales and marketing teams. An additional floor of the building is the base for the local Google "Campus," a place where entrepreneurs and developers can boost their startups

A slide between office floorsJealous yet? A slide between floors of the Google office in Tel Aviv. (All photos: Itay Sikolski/Camenzind Evolution)

Designed by Switzerland-based Camenzind Evolution alongside Israeli teams from Setter Architects and Studio Yaron Tal, the offices were awarded the first LEED Platinum certification of their kind in Israel. 

Orchard-themed roomOutside or inside? A room with an orchard theme (tractor not shown... but definitely there) makes the office seem as if it's outdoors. 

The architects worked with a group of Israeli Google employees to decorate each floor with a theme inspired by the diverse culture of Israel, from surfing to street markets. 

Beach-themed arcade roomHang ten: An arcade area, complete with a beach theme.

With ample space for sitting, talking, eating, drinking and even playing board games, the office is a haven for creative minds. Sure, the offices still have more traditional, open work spaces — but employees don't have to go far for a friendly game of Foosball.

Google sign and bar seating areaGoogle, Google everywhere: The brand is found throughout the office, from theme colors to signage.

Sitting room with board gamesPlay time: A sitting area with board games.

KitchenSnack time: A fully-stocked kitchen area, with restaurant-style seating.

Conference roomRustic meets urban: Inside, a modern conference room with an amazing view of the skyline. The hallway transports employees to an old-world neighborhood.

Gym A jog with a view: The office gym is stocked with treadmills, weights and medicine balls.

Optical illusion areaFor creative minds, a creative design: This meeting area is a mind-bending optical illusion.

City street themeStreet style: Employees can feel immersed in the city as they look across the urban landscape with Vespa seats and even a flower-shop window.


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Take a visual tour of Google's office in Tel Aviv
Take a walk through Google’s office space in Israel. With interesting themes, game rooms and even a sauna, this office is more like a city.