Moovit Moovit Moovit provides users with real-time public transportation information, including arrival and departure times. (Photo: Screenshot via YouTube/Moovit)

6 apps and websites that make life more enjoyable

Wired's list of 100 startups offers some great choices.

It's no secret that great ideas for apps and websites come from all over the world. Wired Magazine's U.K. edition took a look at some of the best apps and websites from 10 fertile technology hubs.

What we found by looking at their various lists is that so many developers are creating sites and apps that make our lives more enjoyable, whether it's through making everyday hassles easier or just giving us a smile and laugh. These six websites and apps that were cited by Wired do just that:


We've all had brief encounters with strangers that have left us thinking about that person all day. It could have been a look on the subway, or a brief conversation on the elevator, or just someone you pass on the street. Usually, you never see that person again. But with happn, created in Paris but now in New York and a number of other cities, you can connect with that person if you're both running the app. If you pass someone else running the app, you'll get an alert, and the both of you have a chance for a meeting.


PlayBuzzA screenshot from PlayBuzz (Photo: PlayBuzz)

If you've taken an online quiz in the last year, chances are it was created on PlayBuzz, an Israeli company that lets users create listicles and quizzes that identify your personality via anything from colors to "Game of Thrones" characters. For instance, answer a few questions and you'll get your ideal summer driving song from the '90s. Let's hope someone gets Barenaked Ladies' "One Week."


Do you like to go fishing? Lots of people do, and FishBrain takes advantage of those numbers to create crowdsourced information on where the best places in your area are to drop a line. The app, created in Stockholm, Sweden, collects weather info like wind conditions, air temperature and humidity. It also uses information from thousands of users about their catches and the bait used to tip anglers on where the fish are biting. Users also can share pictures of their catches (which prevents them from telling outlandish fish tales, but whatever). Sixty-five percent of its users are in the United States.


This app, created in Israel, collects public transportation data from millions of users to tell you what's the best bus or subway to take to get you where you're going. Is the Green Line always late? Does the bus take less time than the subway? Moovit can tell you.


Nothing's more frustrating than not knowing if someone's read that important e-mail you've just sent. If you have Gmail and Chrome, then Mailtrack makes that anxiety go away. Created in Spain, the Chrome extension adds information to your Gmail like who opened your e-mail and when, which is especially helpful if you send something to multiple users.


Just because you're not a great cook, or you just don't have the time to cut and measure everything, doesn't mean you can't enjoy fresh, nutritional meals at home. HelloFresh, based in Berlin but available in the U.S., sends subscribers gourmet recipes with a box of all the ingredients, pre-measured and ready to cook. So if you know how to handle your oven, you can make a great home-cooked meal.


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6 apps and websites that make life more enjoyable
Wired's list of 100 startups offers some great choices.