two minute funny videos two minute funny videos Need something to do in under two minutes? Check out these five bite-sized videos covering everything from sleeping better to whitening your teeth. (Photo: Aaron Amat /Shutterstock)

5 things you can do in under 2 minutes

Tech startup aims to charge your phone in under two minutes. Here's what else you can do in that time...

We all know the inconvenience that comes with having to put aside time to charge a cell phone. That unpopular worldwide sentiment is what's driving Israeli startup StoreDot to make phone charging less of an event in our daily lives and more of a blip akin to filling up the car with gas. The company's new fast-charging technology for both smartphones and electric vehicles promises to supply a full charge in only a few minutes. That game-changing innovation is catching the attention of industry leaders – including Samsung, which recently invested in StoreDot.

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That kind of quick-charging got us to thinking: What else could you do in under two minutes while your phone of the future is juicing up? Below are five amusing, inspiring, and hilarious examples of actions you can take in under two minutes.

1. Learn the entire plot of 'The Hobbit' via a 'Big Lebowski' themed summary

If you have no desire to read "The Hobbit" or sit through Peter Jackson's way-too-drawn-out trilogy based on the book (seriously – three movies?!), this graphical summary in under two minutes is your best bet for bridging the gap the next time you find yourself surrounded by J.R. Tolkien groupies. Even better, it's done with an inexplicable and genius nod to "The Big Lebowski." At the end you'll conclude two things: 1. "The Lord of the Rings" is where Tolkien really got his act together and 2. The Dude needs to be in more fantasy franchises.

2. Consume an entire 'Burritozilla'

The Burritozilla, a 5-pound, 18-inch monster burrito from Iguana's Taqueria in Santa Fe, California is basically the Mount Everest of burritos. The thing is so large that the creators offer up a free t-shirt for anyone that can finish it in less than one hour. Which is what makes the above video that much more impressive. Major League Eating competitor Matt Stonie downs this entire monster in less than two minutes. It's enough to make you stop eating at Chipotle for at least one week.

3. Learn to fall asleep

Having trouble sleeping? Need some tips to pick up more zzzzs in preparation for consuming a giant Burritozilla? This helpful video lists a number of ways to convince your body to fall asleep in less than two minutes. Options listed include flexing your toes, counting back from 300 in multiples of three, and watching your caffeine intake. On that last one, proceed at your own risk...

4. Whiten your teeth

Want to brighten up your teeth without using those annoying strips or spending hundreds at the dentist? This video shows an easy method for whitening your teeth using a couple of home ingredients and a lemon or lime. Bonus fact: Lemons can also be used as an natural insect repellent by gently wiping their skin on your skin. You're welcome. And you smell like lemons.

5. Listen to 40 inspirational speeches

Getting ready to compete in a sport or consume a Burritozilla? Need some inspiration to fire you up? From "Braveheart" to "Animal House," these 40 clips from various classic Hollywood films will get you ready to achieve anything. Morgan Freeman, Clint Eastwood, and even a blond Colin Ferrell are ready to move you to greatness.


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5 things you can do in under 2 minutes
Tech startup StoreDot aims to charge your phone in under two minutes. Here's what else you can do in that time...