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5 must-have apps for your new Apple Watch

From sports scores to subway maps, these programs will make your life a little easier.

With the debut of the Apple Watch, many people are looking to see which of their favorite iPhone apps will work even better on the new watch. There are already 3,000 apps designed specifically for the Apple Watch. So where do you start? Here's our picks of five apps to download when you strap on the Apple Watch for the first time. 

1. Amazon

Amazon app on Apple WatchWith the Amazon app, users can purchase items from their watch. (Photo: Amazon)

With their patented "1-Click" button, Amazon reimagined the shopping experience by making ordering your favorite items as easy as a tap away. Their new app for the Apple Watch takes that philosophy even further. Forget having to log on to your computer to purchase a new pair of shoes or a hot new best-selling book. All of that can now be done with ease from the watch's screen. And with Amazon now offering one-hour delivery in some cities, the world's largest store just got even easier to shop at.

2. Moovit

The Moovit app helps commuters find their way.The Moovit app helps commuters find their way. (Photo: Moovit)

Millions of commuters already rely on Moovit's popular service to help them navigate subways and buses on their way to work. With it, they can find out if a train is running behind schedule or which subway to take to that important appointment – all while getting live updates from fellow riders about delays that may lie ahead. The technology, developed by R&D researchers in Israel, is now used in more than 600 cities across the globe, including London, Los Angeles, Toronto and Tel Aviv.

3. Shazam

Shazam app on the Apple WatchFind your favorite music on the Shazam app. (Photo: Shazam)

We've all had that moment: We're watching a TV commercial or a movie preview and hear a great song in the background. Or we're driving down the road listening to the radio and discover our favorite new tune. But who's the singer? What's the name of the song? The Shazam app will not only answer those questions in mere seconds, but it also displays the lyrics and easily lets you share the song with a friend.

4. Evernote

The Score app helps sports fans keep up to date.The Evernote app will help you stay organized. (Photo: Evernote)

If you have already discovered Evernote and the myriad ways it can help organize your busy life, then you'll be happy to know that the Apple Watch version seamlessly integrates all the features you love and enjoy – everything from writing to-do lists and dictating notes to setting reminders and saving your favorite web content. The new watch app truly complements the existing Evernote app on your smartphone.

5. The Score

The Score app helps sports fans keep up to date.The Score app helps sports fans keep up to date. (Photo: The Score)

You're at a dinner party, and it would be rude to whip out your phone to check who's winning the game you're missing on ESPN. No worries: The Score app has got you covered. With a simple flick of the wrist, you can now quickly glance at the score on your Apple Watch and, if no one's looking, scroll through highlights from games from across all professional leagues. It's a slam dunk for any sports fan.


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5 must-have apps for your new Apple Watch
From sports scores to subway maps, these programs will make your life a little easier.