Scientists discover a hidden ancient message – and it's a plea for more booze

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Why did someone take clean drinking water and turn it into ocean water?

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Storied F1 racing team hopes 3D printing can give it an edge up

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You can plug your phone into this tree

These eTrees use solar panels to generate electricity.

How your snow globe is helping scientists understand water treatment

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Fully automated 'Optimus' drone is science fiction made real

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Scientists discover novel way of detecting Einstein's gravitational waves

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This nearby planet could be where all the aliens are hiding

Researchers discovered that Proxima b has the right climate for oceans. And extraterrestrials.

Super-fast-charging smartphone could be in your hands next year

CEO says his 5-minute phone charger will start production in early 2018.

Want to look younger? Stop smiling

A new study found that people who smile actually look older than people who frown or look surprised.

This road will charge your car while you drive

And it's coming to a real live bus route next year.