Next up for takeoff: Uber for airplanes?

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Building full of Einstein's treasured possessions to open to public

Albert Einstein's archives will move into 2-story planetarium on the Jerusalem campus of Hebrew University.

Change your selfie's facial expressions with the touch of a button

Scientists have figured out how to turn your frown upside down, or your smile to a frown, depending on your mood.

Einstein's prediction leads to dawn of new era in astronomy

In global collaboration, a third of the world's physicists announce a reshaping of our understanding of the universe.

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How the sun could be your new air conditioner

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Harvard scientists want to build an Earth-sized shield to block the sun

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How scientists are turning cotton into superpowered cyborgs

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Archaeologists now know what ancient ghosts snacked on in the afterlife

Scientists dug up a 4,000-year-old jar of headless toads (Mmmm!) at a burial site near Jerusalem.

High-tech tool gives rescuers X-ray vision

After a devastating earthquake in Mexico, a device is helping first responders see through walls in search of victims.

How the Hoover Dam is putting muscle into its mussel problem

Mussels are preventing the dam from making energy, and an Israeli company has a solution.