Olive oil drizzled into a spoon. Olive oil drizzled into a spoon. Go ahead. Start drizzling that olive oil. (Photo: marco mayer / Shutterstock)

What diet may help lower your risk of breast cancer?

This veggie- and fiber-rich diet continues to rack up health benefits.

Could adding more olive oil to your diet help reduce the risk of breast cancer?

Scientists say it's possible, and thanks to a new study conducted at the University of Navarra in Spain and published in JAMA: Internal Medicine this week, we now have another very good reason to incorporate the Mediterranean diet – rich in fish, nuts, fruits, vegetables and olive oil – into our everyday lives.

The study, which included 4,000 women between 60 and 80 years old, was co-authored by Dr. Miguel Martinez Gonzalez, a leading researcher on the health benefits of the Mediterranean diet. He and his colleagues found that women who followed this diet, supplemented with four tablespoons of olive oil per day, reduced their risk of developing breast cancer by 68 percent compared to women who followed a standard low-fat diet.

The advantages of this fiber-rich diet have been demonstrated in several studies over the years by lowering the risk of several ailments, including heart disease and uterine cancer, and even boosting brain power. What's notable about this most recent study, its authors said, is the use of olive oil as a supplement.

"We know that things like olive oil have lots of antioxidants and can really reduce your risk [of breast cancer], so I think that this new study is pretty important, and I think it shows us that there's even more benefit from this healthy diet," Dr. Kevin Campbell, a cardiologist based in Raleigh, North Carolina, told CBS News.

And if that isn't reason enough to make the switch to this much-praised diet, here are just a few recipes produced by our expert chefs at the Israeli Kitchen that will make your transition easier, and might even prolong your life:

So go ahead, start drizzling that olive oil over everything you eat.


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