scented cup scented cup A new cup makes drinking water easier and more fun. (Photo: The Right Cup)

A sweet idea: Invention adds wow! to drinking water

Right Cup tricks your brain into thinking you're sipping a sugary beverage.

Did you know that 80 percent of the flavor you get from the food you eat comes from your sense of smell?

Inspired by that statistic, a new FDA-approved invention makes plain water taste delicious, reduces your sugar intake and tackles obesity.

As it turns out, your enjoyment of food is largely determined by its smell – or rather, how your brain perceives that smell. A group of entrepreneurs from Israel pondered this and many other questions as they set out to design the next big idea. What they came up with was small in size, but big on ingenuity – a specially designed cup that tricks your brain into thinking you're consuming a sugary beverage.

For Isaac Lavi, an Israeli entrepreneur, designing The Right Cup was more than a business accomplishment – it was a personal triumph. Diagnosed at age 30 with diabetes, Lavi knew he needed to take charge of his health, and the first step was getting his sugar intake under control. It's a struggle millions of people face every day, and it only gets harder as soft drinks and flavored waters continue to increase their presence.

"The Right Cup offers a great way to reduce the consumption of sugary beverages, which are known to play a key role in obesity and diabetes among children," Lav, the company's CEO, said. "This is my way to help their daily struggle."

Before we expound, let's get one thing straight: This isn't just a cup with scented coating on it. The startup behind the cup says "aromatic flavor ingredients" are added directly into the material of the cup during the manufacturing process. The result, they said, is "aromatic flavor integrated throughout the entire cup." Here's a video explaining how it works:

A lot of people are not fans of plain drinking water. It's boring and tasteless, and consuming the recommended eight glasses each day just feels like work. There's also the availability problem; in many parts of the world it's easier to find a soft-drink machine than a water fountain.

After tripling its fundraising goal on Indiegogo (four days before the deadline!), the Right Cup is now available for pre-order with estimated delivery in April 2016.

Using The Right Cup to get your recommended daily dosage of water isn't just easy, its creators say; it's fun to switch up the flavors, and the experience gets better with time. "The brain is tuned to expect things and to compare them with past familiar experiences," Lavi said. "So each time you drink from The Right Cup, the brain learns to better understand the taste experience, the result being an increased enhanced flavor experience each time you drink."

Still skeptical? Watch this taste test (and still watch even if you're not skeptical, because the reactions are just too darn cute!).


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A sweet idea: Invention adds wow! to drinking water
Right Cup tricks your brain into thinking you're sipping a sugary beverage.