stressed businesswoman stressed businesswoman People close to retirement face a whole new set of concerns. (Photo: Kinga / Shutterstock)

4 reasons work is stressing out your parents

From losing friends to losing back muscle, mom and dad face more job drama as they get older.

Everyone gets stressed at work, but your parents have their own unique challenges that early career workers don't experience.

“Various stressors at work lead to some sort of rumination in the evening, and that rumination takes its toll on sleep,” Peter Bamberger, a business professor at Israel’s Tel Aviv University, told From the Grapevine. “It’s something we all experience, but it’s never been studied.” Bamberger and his colleagues researched how stress affects sleep (which can be pretty harmful) in middle-aged workers. He discovered that employees heading toward the ends of their careers are stressed about …

Losing community

Shelby sits in on a meeting at Glide, a Jerusalem-based startup. Glide, a Jerusalem-based startup. (Photo: Chaim Haas)

As parents get close to retirement, they realize that they’re about to leave behind all their coworkers.

“These are more than just jobs; these are communities,” explained Bamberger. “These are people these older adults grew up with.”

Leaving behind work is almost like moving away from your hometown.

“To disengage with work means you’re disengaging from a supportive community,” he continued.

Losing income

How will you get money overseas?Many retirees don't have a cash flow that continues into retirement. (Photo: Rrraum/Shutterstock)

Being close to retirement can be great, if you’re ready for it. But if you don’t know how you’ll make ends meet after you retire, then leaving that paycheck behind is scary.

“You can think of retirement as being pushed into retirement or pulled into retirement,” explained Bamberger.

Losing power

Power RangersEverybody wants to feel like a superhero. (Photo: Power Rangers

When middle-aged and older workers aren’t valued at a workplace, it can take a toll on their comfort level, and even their ability to fall asleep.

Bamberger noticed that older workers experienced a “sense of disempowerment as they got old,” he said. “They were kind of marginalized at work.” These workers reported trouble sleeping.

“They were less satisfied at work,” Bamberger told us from his office in Israel.

Losing strength

Students build tiny homes entirely from scratch.People tend to lose muscle strength as they get older. (Photo: Project H Design)

Many fields require hard labor, and that becomes tough when employees get older.

“As you get older, that physical work can become painful, and that can make life difficult for you and make it hard to sleep,” explained Bamberger. So give your parents a hand around the house, especially if they're coming home from a day of lifting boxes.


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4 reasons work is stressing out your parents
From losing friends to losing back muscle, mom and dad face more job drama as they get older.