Young woman lying on her arms on the table in cafe in front of laptop with cup of coffee, sleepy. Young woman lying on her arms on the table in cafe in front of laptop with cup of coffee, sleepy. Falling asleep on the job? A new sleep-analysis app could solve this very problem. (Photo: crazystocker / Shutterstock)

Power nap or power through? New sleep tool solves the dilemma

When midday fatigue strikes, technology swoops in and helps you recharge your battery.

When that midday slump hits, instincts would tell you it's time to take a nap. But what if you can't, or shouldn't? What if you've got plans that can't wait, or a deadline you can't miss? What if you thought you got your requisite eight hours, but in reality it was only six?

There's an endless stream of what-ifs associated with sleep. It can be instant one night, elusive the next. That's why learning about and accepting your sleep patterns, and finding out what works for you, is so important.

It was that principle that spurred the founders of SleepRate, a sleep-research firm with offices in Israel and California, to turn their extensive expertise into an app. It's called WakeMode, and it's for people who just need a little guidance on getting the most out of their sleep. (Which is everyone, right?) You can download the app for free in the App Store or on Google Play.

SleepRate was established in 2006 by Dr. Anda Baharav, a pediatrician who spent years researching the connection between heart rate and sleep at Tel Aviv University in Israel. She discovered that changes in heartbeat directly correlate with various sleep stages during the night. This research was the foundation of WakeMode. Baharav is the founder and CEO of SleepRate, with Dr. Shuli Eyal as VP of algorithms development.

You can program WakeMode to monitor and analyze your sleep patterns and deliver real-time feedback. And like many apps, the more information it has about you, the better it works.

WakeMode tracks your energy level and assesses your need for naps or downtime.WakeMode tracks your energy level and assesses how well you slept the night before. (Photo: SleepRate)

Among its benefits:

  • Plan your sleep cycle better to achieve optimal energy and productivity levels;
  • Understand good sleeping habits and how your bedtime and sleeping patterns can affect how you function in terms of mood and alertness;
  • Be aware of your own tiredness to avoid risks associated with sleep deficit and fatigue for immediate and long-term levels.

And, in case your friends and family aren't quite reading the look on your face after a particularly rough night, the app has a sharing feature, too. No more excuses or explanations; they can see exactly how tired (or energized) you really are.


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