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Nice to smell you

Do you realize you sniffed your hand after that last handshake? Here's why.

Flash mobs bring joy to hospital patients

Videos show how happy tunes help uplift spirits.

Why are some folks short? New study says it’s more than genes

Your first year of life goes a long way toward determining how tall you will be.

Put away the artificial sweeteners – they're making you fat

New research shows that chemical sweeteners may do more harm than good, but there are other tasty alternatives to sugar.

How the blind are helping us understand the brain

Scientists are rethinking the conventional view that the brain is divided into sensory 'regions.'

​It’s winter, but don’t put your sunglasses away

Your long-term eye health is affected by your everyday choices, new research shows.

New skin-stretching mechanism closes wounds for faster healing

Technology is painless and safe to use on children and animals.

Want to gain muscle strength? Quit smoking!

According to a new study, quitting smoking can help you bulk up.

Wireless sensor can save patients' lives

New technology from EarlySense helps hospitals respond faster.

Eating at odd times can make you fat

The interplay between your circadian rhythm and your gut microbiome can lead to an expanding waistline.

How to fend off the mid-afternoon slump

Learn ways you can conquer the peaks and valleys of your daily energy levels.

Immune-system research seeks to help the body treat flesh-eating bacteria

Immune system research seeks to help the body treat flesh-eating bacteria

Natural ways to see better

Going beyond glasses and laser surgery for improved vision.

Banning trans fats on campus

Universities move to help students achieve a healthier lifestyle.

More evidence that laughter is the best medicine

New study shows that medical clowns help kids suffer less pain during tests.