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A new special chocolate promises not to unravel a diabetic's blood sugar

Imagine it: Junk food that's not bad for you!

When you're diabetic, every meal can be a gamble. Blood sugar spikes can be serious so adhering to a glucose-friendly diet is paramount for patients. That means being very careful about what you eat, how much, and what time.

Kind of a drag, eh?

Ran Hirsch, CEO of A1C Foods in Israel, thought so, too. He watched his 11-year-old daughter struggle to control her blood sugar after being diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes last year. After speaking in-depth with his daughter's doctor – Mariela Glandt, who runs the Center for Diabetes Care in Tel Aviv – he decided to strike out on his own to develop delicious food for diabetics. Glandt is now Hirsch's business partner, and together they own A1C, a company developing a full line of diabetes-friendly food products – including low-carb chocolates, ice cream and breads.

“We focused on lowering the carbs and the sugar contents and we didn't realize that our products are also rich in protein,” Hirsch, a tax attorney, said. “Everybody understands that low-sugar is the future.”

In developing A1C's chocolate line, in particular, instead of substituting real sugar with artificial sweeteners, the treats are made with traditional ingredients like flour and sugar, with the addition of a patent pending blend that lowers the food's glycemic index.

In her work as a diabetes doctor, Glandt "treats patients more through diet than through medications," Hirsch said. "And what she saw was that there are many recipes and websites, but very few products that you can actually buy and eat." That's one reason she joined forces with Hirsch, a graduate of Tel Aviv University.

"We believe that food should be pleasurable, and have lots of fun in it," Hirsch said.


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