A nepalese family A nepalese family A Nepalese family rest in their makeshift shelter two days after a 7.8 magnitude earthquake hit Nepal. (Photo: Prakash Singh / AFP/Getty Images)

Nepal earthquake: 5 ways to help

As the crisis in the country continues to unfold, these five charities need your assistance to expand their efforts on the ground.

As Nepal continues to face the devastation from last Saturday's 7.8 magnitude earthquake, the country is calling for aid from around the world to help assist with the growing humanitarian crisis on the ground. The deadly disaster, the worst to hit the region in nearly a century, struck heavily populated areas of Nepal, including the country's capital Kathmandu. Hospitals, rescue workers, and local crisis support centers are all overwhelmed and in immediate need of international relief.

Aid organizations from around the world are already mobilizing to assist in Nepal, but their efforts on the ground can only go so far as funding allows. Below are five aid groups with a proven track record of turning every donation into immediate results during natural disasters.

1. Oxfam International

With an established presence already in Nepal, Oxfam is working to respond with clean water, sanitation, and emergency food. The group is also sending a team of disaster specialists to assist with repairing electric and telephone lines. "Water supply pipes, electricity generating sub-stations, bridges, treatment plants -- all these things will be affected, and food, water, fuel and medicines will be immediately in short-supply," writes Winnie Byanyima, executive director of Oxfam International. To donate directly, jump here

2. IsraAID

Less than 24 hours after the deadly earthquake struck Nepal, disaster specialists from IsraAID were on their way to provide immediate on-the-ground assistance. The Israeli-based organization, well-regarded for its fast response in the aftermath of natural disasters, plans to distribute emergency supplies, offer medical services, and provide immediate shelter for those left homeless by the quake. The Israeli team will also assess long-term reconstruction needs to restore agriculture and public utilities. The organization's official donation page for the disaster in Nepal can be found here.

3. CARE (Cooperative for Assistance and Relief Everywhere)

 Thanks to 150 staff members residing in Nepal prior to the earthquake, CARE was able to provide an immediate emergency response in the aftermath of the quake. The relief agency, with efforts in more than 90 countries, is now organizing a team of specialists to join efforts on the ground. “There is no electricity, and soon there will be a scarcity of water," reports Santosh Sharma, CARE’s Emergency Response Coordinator in Kathmandu. "People have been pooling their resources together, but there will soon be problems with food and with water." To donate, visit their official fundraising page here

4. Save the Children

Since 1976, Save the Children has been working in Nepal to assist local children and families through a variety of outreach programs. In the aftermath of the quake, the organization is leveraging this extensive experience to counter the mental and physical challenges facing young survivors and their kin. According to Gary Shaye, the org's Senior Director for Humanitarian Operations in Nepal, the challenges will only become greater when the monsoon rains arrives in June. To donate, visit their official page here.  

5. International Medical Corps

With more than 30 years of first responder experience in natural disaster situations, International Medical Corps features an extensive international network of volunteer doctors and nurses. The organization already has a response team on the ground providing critically-needed supplies and mobile medical response units. “The earthquake was incredibly powerful and the devastation in Kathmandu is considerable," writes team leader Sean Casey. "Our team is gathering supplies and heading west towards the epicenter of the quake to provide support.” To donate, visit their official site here.


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Nepal earthquake: 5 ways to help
As the crisis in the country continues to unfold, these five charities need your assistance to expand their efforts on the ground.