period cramps period cramps 84% of women suffer from menstrual pain. (Photo: Nikodash / Shutterstock)

Can electric pulses zap your period pain?

A new wearable by Livia gets positive reviews for relieving menstrual cramps.

Period cramps aren't the worst things in the world. After all, humanity has to deal with war, famine and "Zoolander 2: the Quest for an Original Joke." But as far as day-to-day problems go, cramps are pretty horrible. Sometimes, no number of herbal remedies or Ibuprofen pills can make a dent in the agony.

But that may change soon. Livia, an Israeli startup company, claims to have invented a device that gets rid of period pain without drugs. Instead, it delivers electronic pulses to your vengeful uterus, distracting the nerves and preventing them from sending pain signals to your brain. The device discreetly clips to your waistband.

The idea sounds a little wonky – so many supposed period cures turn out to be disappointing – but this one may have legs. The company sent samples of its device to female journalists around the world, and the journalists are giving it rave reviews.

"Holy smokes! This machine could put an end to your period pain FOREVER!" – Cosmopolitan.

"This is the best wearable I have ever tried. Period." –

"Livia ... is here to save you from your uterus." – Bustle.

"It really works." – Daily Mail.

"Livia is incredibly cute and works like a charm, giving instant relief a pill just can’t match." – Digital Trends.

Invented by Israeli entrepreneurs, the company has already crowdfunded five times its goal. And people are clamoring to get their hands on it. If you want to join the hordes, you can purchase a Livia package yourself from Indiegogo, and Livia will ship it to you in October.

Now if only Livia could come up with a good "Zoolander 3" script.


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