girl getting head lice treatment girl getting head lice treatment A head lice treatment that won't make your kids do this with their faces? Sign us up. (Although that face is pretty cute.) (Photo: Yuko Sach / Shutterstock)

This high-tech comb cures head lice without chemicals

For those of you who will do anything to avoid – and eliminate – your child's head lice, this is must-have information.

Since you obviously needed one more headache in the frenzy and chaos that is back-to-school time ... allow us to casually remind you that there are tiny creepy crawlies that can embed themselves on your child's scalp and lay eggs and infect the entire school and household in short order.

If you or your child have never been exposed to head lice, count yourself lucky. But as students return to school in droves around the world, it's an opportune time to educate yourself and be aware of the risks. It's also high time to explore treatment options and find out what works best.

girl getting head lice treatmentTreating head lice the traditional way can be messy, time-consuming and expensive. Oh, and it smells horrible. (Photo: Yuko Sach/Shutterstock)

For our part, we've stumbled on something pretty remarkable. It's a device made by an Israeli-based startup called ParaSonic that you can use at home that deploys short pulsed ultrasonic waves from a wide-tooth comb to destroy these pesky parasites and the eggs they lay.

ParaSonic head lice treatment deviceParaSonic's lice treatment prototype. Photo: Courtesy)

It could make the current method of treating lice – expensive, uncomfortable and high-odor processes that could take days to eradicate – a thing of the past.

"Ultrasonic technology is not new,” said David Tavor, CEO of ParaSonic and an alum of Israel's Haifa University.. “But the idea to use it for lice, as we do, is new.”

The product is still in its developmental stages, founders say, with roll-out planned for mid-2018 in Israel and in the U.S., where it's been approved by the FDA.

With approximately 12 million infestations occurring in children and adults every year in the United States alone, we're convinced this is valuable information, and a valuable tool to address this skin-crawling problem.


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This high-tech comb cures head lice without chemicals
A Tel Aviv-based startup, ParaSonic, has developed a device that uses ultrasonic waves to kill both lice and their eggs in one shot.