The Hello Heart app makes it easy for Apple Watch users manage their blood pressure. The Hello Heart app makes it easy for Apple Watch users manage their blood pressure. The Hello Heart app makes it easy for Apple Watch users to manage their blood pressure. (Photo: Hello Heart)

Could your Apple Watch help prevent heart attacks?

The Hello Heart app helps you take better control of your health.

The Apple Watch, with its highly accurate heart rate monitor combined with a slew of new health and fitness apps, makes it easy to take control of your health and keep your New Year's resolutions. And now comes a new app that goes one step further. Meet the Hello Heart app. Their early data shows that user engagement with the watch was almost four times higher compared to those who used the app with their smartphone.

The system was developed by entrepreneur Maayan Cohen, who received her MBA from Tel Aviv University in Israel. She launched the app after her boyfriend got sick and she had trouble helping him keep track of all his diagnostics.

Cohen told From the Grapevine she and her team are working on a clinical study to show how use of the app can help people lower their blood pressure. “We believe that the wearable space is going to be huge, and we plan to connect to any wearable that will be meaningful in the landscape,” she said.

Some 100 million Americans suffer from heart disease, high blood pressure and other chronic illnesses. One key to getting healthier is understanding your condition and creating better habits. Hello Heart uses blood pressure data combined with a behavioral framework to help users manage heart health. This combination of education and motivation, like weekly reports and reminders to take your pills, can potentially lower the risk of heart attacks.

Maintaining a relationship with users and keeping them engaged with the app is an important aspect of self-tracking apps, and the Apple Watch has been one of the biggest contributors to their early success.

Hello Heart says 70 percent of people who used the app for at least a month developed a habit that continued for four more months. But they also found that Apple Watch users were 3.6 times more likely to engage with the app than those who tracked their blood pressure with their phones. And Apple Watch users added 67% more medical data to the app compared to iPhone users.

After five months and 50,000 downloads (the app was launched in April 2015), Hello Heart analyzed the data from 4,000 random users who were actively measuring their blood pressure. After six weeks using the app, 1 in 4 users reduced their average weekly blood pressure reading by 10 points, according to the company.

“We interviewed dozens of users who successfully lowered their blood pressure using Hello Heart, and most said that, while they were motivated before, having been told by their doctors that they had to make a change, they were not able to until now,” Cohen told Fox Business.

“Unlike traditional behavioral medicine interventions, our app achieves superior engagement and sustained behavioral change without the need for constant face-to-face meetings with doctors and health coaches.”

One user says the app has helped him to lower his blood pressure by more than 10 points. He says one of his biggest challenges was building a routine, and that’s what he got from Hello Heart.

“I track my blood pressure every day, I take my medicine on time. I even eat my meals on time. I also move around more. I don’t let myself just sit around. This has been some of the changes that Hello Heart has helped me to make,” he said.

Hello Heart, which has offices in both Silicon Valley and Israel, has recently been named one of the best new health apps for Apple Watch by Tech Times and TechCrunch.


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