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Cancer-stricken woman's final wish: See the new 'Wonder Woman' movie

The film doesn't come out until June. Will the director swoop in and save the day?

Melissa Bradley, like many people, has a bucket list.

But unlike many people, hers is desperately urgent. Specifically, stage 4 ovarian cancer urgent.

The Chicago woman has four items on her list that she really wants to accomplish before she passes, according to her younger sister Karyn, who's been tweeting on Melissa's behalf under the hashtag #melswish: a trip to Paris, meeting Aerosmith frontman Steven Tyler, meeting movie icon Johnny Depp and seeing the new "Wonder Woman" movie starring Israeli actress Gal Gadot.

Only four things, right? Can't be that hard.

Oh, yes it can. First of all, Melissa is too sick to travel, so Paris is out. OK, on to the other three. Despite Karyn's rapid-fire tweets, she hasn't heard a peep from the Depp or Tyler camps. But Melissa is a diehard fan of the Wonder Woman franchise going back to her youth, so Karyn took her pleas to a Wonder Woman fan page on Twitter, and she got a bite.

Two days ago, "Wonder Woman" director Patty Jenkins got wind of #melswish and went to work. She says she's trying really hard to get a private screening of the film, which will be the Amazonian warrior princess's first solo film ever, for Melissa, even though it doesn't actually hit theaters until June 2.

We don't know yet if this part of #melswish has been granted, but in the meantime, Jenkins was met with the kind of applause that only Twitter can provide.

And Melissa Bradley's newly minted legion of followers is already calling her "the real Wonder Woman."

We'll update our coverage if we hear back from Jenkins.


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Cancer-stricken woman's final wish: See the new 'Wonder Woman' movie
'Wonder Woman' movie starring Gal Gadot doesn't come out until June. Will director Patty Jenkins save the day so a terminal cancer patient can see it?