Wearing the BitBite device can help you keep better track of what – and how – you eat. Wearing the BitBite device can help you keep better track of what – and how – you eat. Wearing the BitBite device can help you keep better track of what – and how – you eat. (Photo: YouTube)

Can this earpiece help you lose weight?

We've seen fitness bracelets that count steps, but this wearable that tracks chews has our mouth ajar.

We all know what our stomachs want when they wake us up in the middle of the night. Munchies! But before you reach for that gooey chocolate birthday cake or Doritos, be warned: Your diet adviser is out there paying attention.

No, she’s not sitting in the bushes outside your kitchen window waiting to ambush. She – it, actually – is sitting right in your ear. Your personal trainer is a new wearable diet device from Israel called the Bitbite.

The device doesn’t consult with your belly or calorie counter on the fridge. It won’t demand push-ups. But it does know, using a microphone that sits in your ear, exactly what is going into your mouth.

Even when there are cake crumbs pointing to the fridge, diet denial is a problem that most of us face at some point. By “listening” to what you eat and sending that information to your smart phone, BitBite can give you real-time behavioral advice. This is so you can eat better and, if you want, lose weight.

Experts say that eating better has a lot to do with the way we chew: After you teach BitBite a few tricks by saying the name of the food out loud, it will start to know exactly what, and when, you are eating. Certain situations can cause us to indulge, like at our mom's house where she spoils us.

“BitBite is especially exciting because it provides a novel and empowering way to address healthful eating and weight control,” says Dr. David Katz, the director of Yale University’s Prevention Research Center. "In focusing on the ‘how’ as opposed to just the ‘what’ of healthful eating, Bitbite has the potential to help replace short-term dieting with lasting improvements in eating, lifestyle and health."

From its position in the ear, Bitbite transmits audio waves to your smart phone. Once there, an app analyzes your eating habits, and can tell you how to improve. Perhaps it's time to switch to a Mediterranean diet?

The BitBite creators say that most people don’t chew their food well enough, missing out on the nutrition from the healthy food that’s put in your mouth. Eating better is good for your heart and long-term health, and it can even boost your brain power.

Dino DeMartino, a ticket broker from New York who works for the National Event Company, likes to keep up to date on high-tech and cultural trends. “Finally, mastication has been brought into the 21st century,” he tells From The Grapevine. “... it is really a creative way to build that intersection between technology and health.”

And for him, he jokes, it would be helpful to know if he’s eating too much of a good thing, or Mom's pasta, when he goes home to visit.

You know you should be following your diet. And now so might Bitbite, which is available for pre-order at $159 and expected to ship in three months.


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