pediatrician examines child's throat pediatrician examines child's throat Pediatric house calls are available through an app, thanks to a startup called Baby Doctor. (Photo: didesign021 / Shutterstock)

Baby Doctor startup is bringing back house calls

in 60 minutes or less, summon a pediatrician to your home with the push of a button.

The ever-expanding world of on-demand services – from meal delivery to pet-sitting to movies to dry cleaning – is now getting into healthcare, and it couldn't have come at a better time.

A new startup created by Israeli entrepreneur and Wharton School of Business graduate Shachar Golan and his wife, Dr. Dania Rumbak, promises on-demand after-hours pediatric care with the touch of a button. Called Baby Doctor, the startup aims to reduce long emergency room visits for minor ailments, while also keeping the child at home and away from other (potentially contagious) patients. It's being touted as "the Uber of Pediatricians."

The founders appeared on CNBC recently to talk about the benefits of their service.

"The emergency system in America is really overtaxed,” said Golan, who studying in Israel before becoming the CEO of Baby Doctor. “You have people come to the emergency room unnecessarily, which is what creates the four hours you have to wait when you need help. We have people coming for tummy aches and ear infections, and that’s not what the emergency room is for.”

With Baby Doctor, parents can book one of 50 vetted healthcare providers through an app, which prompts the doctor to call the parent and discuss the problem. In 60 minutes or less, the doctor will show up at the patient's house and proceed with a typical "sick visit" appointment.

"We make it clear on our site that we’re not emergency services – we’re not 911 or an ambulance service,” Golan said. If the doctor deems the problem to be an emergency, he or she advises the patient to call 911 instead. The service costs $200 per visit, but Baby Doctor is offering a $40 limited-time promotion for first-time users.

The service is currently available only in Manhattan, but Golan and Rumbak plan to expand into other boroughs of New York and parts of New Jersey in the near future.


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Baby Doctor startup is bringing back house calls
A new startup called Baby Doctor, founded by an Israeli entrepreneur and his doctor wife, is bringing back house calls.