Pomegranates and juice Pomegranates and juice Israeli researchers have found many benefits in antioxidant-rich pomegranates. (Photo: Nitr/Shutterstock)

5 herbal remedies backed by Israeli researchers

The benefits of these natural treatments — from turmeric to cranberries — have been closely studied by scientists in Israel.

Medical researchers in Israel have been busy making breakthroughs - and not just with regards to Alzheimer's and epilepsy.  Israel's universities and hospitals regularly contribute to the ever-growing scientific knowledge around the medicinal merits of herbs, fruits and roots. Check out these five natural treatments backed by Israel's labs:


TurmericPhoto: wanchai/Shutterstock

A versatile and tasty spice, turmeric has been touted for myriad health benefits, but not all of them scientifically proven. A study conducted by researchers out of Tel Aviv has contributed to the discovery that a component in the root (called curcumin) inhibits the growth of lung and pancreatic cancer cells. A separate study from the Tel-Aviv Sourasky Medical Center has shown that the compound may also deter liver cirrhosis.

Willow bark

Willow Bark Photo: Kalcutta/Shutterstock

Like aspirin, willow bark has been used to relieve pain, and a double-blind study conducted by a team of researchers out of Haifa has reaffirmed that this herbal remedy may be used as a safe and natural treatment for back pain.


Pomegranate juicePhoto: Es75/Shutterstock

We all know that pomegranates pack a punch when it comes to antioxidants, but did you know that they can help combat cholesterol, arthritis and high blood pressure? The University of Haifa published a study that showed drinking pomegranate juice can benefit cardiovascular health, specifically systolic blood pressure. Another study from the Rambam Health Care Campus in Haifa showed that pomegranate extract also relieves symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis.

Licorice root

Licorice rootPhoto: Elena Ray/Shutterstock

Whether or not you're a fan of the pungent taste of licorice, one thing has been proven: the root's chemical compound glabridin is a potent agent against the "bad" cholesterol. Several studies from a team of Israeli researchers have shed light on this chemical interaction.


Cranberry juice Photo: MSPhotographic/Shutterstock

Among the first scientists to prove that cranberries indeed fight urinary tract infections, Prof. Itzhak Ofek of Tel Aviv University has researched cranberries' benefits for 20 years and counting. Not only did his research show that the tiny fruits combat UTIs in women, but it also showed that cranberries have anti-viral and even anti-cavity properties.


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