Get in shape like actress Reese Witherspoon with workout tips from her personal trainer. Get in shape like actress Reese Witherspoon with workout tips from her personal trainer. Get in shape like actress Reese Witherspoon with workout tips from her personal trainer. (Photo: Jason Merritt / Getty Images)

5 celebrity fitness trainers you can watch at home

Unleash your inner Wonder Woman or Superman with these workout programs that start the year off right.

Have a New Year's resolution that includes a healthier, more active you? Already sweating over how hard it's going to be to hit the gym and make that vision of a new body a reality? Keep that workout bag in the closet and try the following selection of home fitness trainers. We guarantee you'll find something here that will not only kick your butt and make you feel incredible, but also do it without drastically changing your daily schedule.

Mark Twight and his superhero system

When Warner Bros. needed someone to turn Israeli actress Gal Gadot into the physical embodiment of Wonder Woman, they turned to Salt Lake City-based trainer Mark Twight. The 54-year-old, who also helped Henry Cavill become Superman for "Man of Steel," owns Gym Jones in Salt Lake City, Utah; offering training for everyone from NFL players to MMA fighters and ultra-endurance athletes.

If you want to benefit from Twight's system without getting on a plane, Gym Jones offers a variety of membership plans with full online access to videos, articles, training plans and even certified trainers. "Improving sport performance is a question of attention, discipline and effort," Twight told Muscle and Fitness magazine. "Practice makes habit. You become what you do."

Jillian Michaels and her 'BodyShred'

In addition to helping dozens of contestants shed pounds on the reality television series "The Biggest Loser," Jillian Michaels has also released several books and training DVDs for those interested in scoring similar results at home. Her latest, called BodyShred, is a 30-minute, high-intensity program that combines plyometrics, combo lifting and some 250 separate exercises.

"I designed the program specifically to cater to people of every fitness level," she recently told Honestly Fitness. "No matter how you slice it, BodyShred is not an 'easy' workout, but it is doable for anyone and everyone through the program’s modifications and progressions."

Sagi Kalev and his 'Body Beast' regimen

Bodybuilder Sagi Kalev, a former two-time "Mr. Israel" and international fitness model, offers a heavy-hitting home workout with his "Body Beast" series. The 90-day regimen, spread out over 12 workouts on four DVDs and an accompanying book, can be catered to those looking to lose weight or gain muscle. Since Kalev is also a clinical nutritionist, the regimen is packed with information on the best diet for either goal.

“A lot of people just go to the gym and they don’t have a clue what to do,” Kalev shares on his site. “The Beast gets results because it’s all in front of you: the workouts, the tracking, everything. If you’re wondering ‘What supplements do I take?’ or ‘What should I eat?’ – it’s all lined up for you in the book. That’s why this is one of a kind. There is no guessing.”

Among its many fans, the "Body Beast" is the daily training regimen used by rap star Eminem.

Ashley Borden and her '6 Weeks to Sculpted'

Having trained everyone from Reese Witherspoon to Ryan Gosling, fitness and lifestyle consultant Ashley Borden is understandably someone you count on to whip you into shape. Her "6 Weeks to Sculpted" course, available via DVD and streaming, is a high-intensity training regimen of yoga, foam rolling and more than 14 sessions. As the workouts themselves only run between 25 and 45 minutes, it's easy to fit them into even the most demanding daily schedule.

"Whether you’re a celebrity, a professional athlete, mom, attorney or an assistant hairdresser – I train everyone the same," she recently said. "They’re all equal. It’s the same system with everyone."

Harley Pasternak and his '5-Factor Fitness'

Canadian nutritionist and best-selling author Harley Pasternak's approach to fitness and diet is so revered, he's one of Hollywood's most sought-after personal trainers. Lady Gaga, Megan Fox, Robert Downey Jr. and many more have all relied upon Pasternak's easy-to-follow lifestyle guides.

"5 Factor Fitness," a five-week program that includes both diet and 25-minute workout sessions, is your best bet for trying out Pasternak's celebrity routine. For those interested in a bit more interactivity, the 41-year-old also has fitness games for both the Nintendo Wii and XBox 360.

"You can look in my books – I’ve got all different kinds of workout programs that are really simple," Pasternak said in a recent interview. "So, it’s eating better, it’s moving more throughout the day, and it’s doing your resistance workouts. That’s the three-pronged approach."


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