People hold "free hugs" signs in Croatia.People hold "free hugs" signs in Croatia.

7 ways to make someone happy today

Being kind to others seems obvious, but it's also good for your health, and could make you a happier person in general.

Controlling premature ejaculation ... from your phone?

Yes, there's now a patch – connected to an app – to treat this common problem.

A tech firm has just figured out a way to print organs

Scientists have injected human genes into tobacco plants. What happens next could literally be life-saving.

There's a new way to keep your child from developing a peanut allergy

Research suggests kids with moms who eat peanuts while breastfeeding are less likely to develop allergies when they're older.

What if you could print medicine at home?

Scientists discover way to print multiple drugs onto a piece of paper that you can swallow.

Playful primate cam broadcasting cheer to kids at hospital

The daily lives of meddling monkeys and optimistic orangutans are being live-streamed to a children's wing.

While you were just being a normal person, this teenager figured out how to disarm anthrax

Israeli student discovers a virus that attacks this dangerous infection and could save lives. And she's not even in college yet.

New study reveals just how bad the American opioid crisis has become

Researchers found skyrocketing numbers of overdose cases over the years, and a need to better support patients after they're released.

This high-tech comb cures head lice without chemicals

For those of you who will do anything to avoid – and eliminate – your child's head lice, this is must-have information.

The best way to keep cancer from coming back? Anti-stress drugs, new study says

Researchers say the key to improving life after cancer, and preventing recurrence, is to control stress and inflammation.

This country is 'a medical weed wonderland'

Rolling Stone magazine report praises Israel for its pioneering cannabis research and production.

Could studying a basketball team's poop make them better athletes?

New research suggests that analyzing your bacterial makeup could vastly improve your health. And one team is giving it a try.

We guarantee this new documentary will make you want to get off the couch

These seniors have a lot of lessons to teach about what getting old really looks like.

World's oldest man dies just short of 114th birthday

Yisrael Kristal was a retired candy maker who had lived in Israel since 1950.

Sperm counts have dropped dramatically. Now scientists are trying to find out why

Troubling trend in Western countries should be 'urgent wake-up call,' researcher says.

This ingredient is more than trendy – it could also ward off Alzheimer's

New research adds yet another rung to the Mediterranean diet's long list of benefits.