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5 'love lock' bridges to visit

Fear not, lovebirds! The Pont des Arts isn't the only bridge where you can 'lock in' your love.

Love locks Tel AvivLove locks Tel AvivLove locks – like this heart-shaped bike lock – adorn a bridge near the port in Tel Aviv. (Photo: Ran Zisovitch / Flickr/Getty Images)

Well, it finally happened. The city government in Paris has started to remove the 700,000-plus "love locks" that adorned the railings on the Pont de Arts, citing the fact that the locks' weight was causing damage to the bridge and its antique ironwork. Some of the rails will be preserved off-site with the locks attached, but they will all be replaced by Plexiglass, allowing people to see the Seine again while also preventing people from attaching more locks.

While the lock removal from the Pont de Arts may be a bummer for tourists who wanted to symbolize their love, it's by far not the only place on the planet where you can scratch your initials into a cheap lock, close it and throw away the key. These five locations are places where you can still "lock in" your love, though you may be doing so just ahead of a pair of bolt-cutters.

Brooklyn Bridge, New York

Brooklyn Bridge love locksCouples have been locking 'love locks' on the historic Brooklyn Bridge, much to the city's dismay. (Photo: Spencer Platt/Getty Images)

The Brooklyn Bridge has been a "love lock" location for a few years; people attach the locks to the 132-year-old bridge and toss the keys into the East River. But, unlike the folks in Paris, who let the locks collect for a half-decade, the New York Department of Transportation is removing the locks in small batches, citing structural and safety concerns. So if you're OK with the symbolism and don't care if the lock ends up in a Dumpster, Brooklyn is your jam.

Bridge of Love, Tel Aviv


"Bridge of Love" is an unofficial name of the bridge by Tel Aviv's port where lovers have put locks over the last few years. It's off the beaten path enough to not be overcrowded with locks – yet. But it's only a matter of time before that changes.

Various Bridges, Pittsburgh

Love locks PittsburghLove locks on the Roberto Clemente Bridge in Pittsburgh. (Photo: ccbarr/Flickr)

You may be surprised to know how romantic the scenery is on one of Pittsburgh's many bridges, but the view over the Allegheny, Monongahela and Ohio rivers is one of the U.S.'s most underrated vistas. So couples have been putting locks on the rails of the Roberto Clemente, Andy Warhol and Rachel Carson bridges. When the city works on the bridges in 2016, however, the locks will be coming down. If you don't care about river views, there's always the Schenley Park Bridge, between the University of Pittsburgh and Carnegie Mellon University campuses.

Mala Strana district, Prague

Love locks PragueLove locks crowd a tiny footbridge in Prague. (Photo: Michaela Photos/Flickr)

A footbridge in the Czech Republic city is fully adorned with locks, to the point where people are attaching locks to other locks. The trend was inspired by a "Romeo and Juliet"-style story of doomed lovers from rival families who decide to meet on the bridge and seal their love. Not coincidentally, it's around the corner from the "John Lennon Wall," where people paint tributes to the late Beatle's statement that "all you need is love."

Hohenzollernbrücke Bridge, Cologne, Germany

Love Locks CologneLocks adorn the legnth of the Hohenzollernbrücke Bridge in Cologne, Germany. (Photo: Rainer Stropek/Flickr)

You have to start to wonder if bridge designers are going to stop designing rails with latticework, because they're just a magnet for love locks. This bridge in Cologne has gathered over 40,000 locks since 2008, and it's only a matter of time before the city officials take these down, too. Who knew love would be so heavy?

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