Dead Sea's timeless beauty secrets now available in bottle form

Skincare company's new collection is infused with nutrients and minerals from the salt-rich water source.

Dead SeaDead SeaSaline deposits line the shore of the Dead Sea. (Photo: Nickolay Vinokurov / Shutterstock)

When it comes to beauty, time-honored remedies are the surest bet to attain lust-worthy skin. For thousands of years, the Dead Sea has been one of the world's most-coveted natural beauty sources, attracting visitors who come to float in its mineral-rich waters and reap its myriad health and beauty benefits. Legend even has it that Queen Cleopatra reaped the beauty benefits of the Dead Sea and wanted to share her discovery so much so that she built the world's first spa along its shores.

Bath and beauty company Sabon, which first launched in Israel in 1997, captured this goodness from the nearby Dead Sea in its recently released skincare collection. Its Dead Sea line was inspired by the healing ingredients of the legendary salt lake. "After a comprehensive research and development process, we identified four main sources of materials that address different skincare needs to create one perfect solution: Dead Sea water, Dead Sea salt, black mud, and Dead Sea plants," says Sabon. "Together these ingredients give skin the vibrancy, moisture, elasticity, energy and texture we all covet."

The company says the main ingredients found in its line hail from the shores of the Dead Sea. Dunaliella, for example, is a micro-algae that exists only in the water of the Dead Sea and provides vitamins that protect skin from UV rays. Salicornia Europaea is a plant found in the region that's rich in vitamin C, calcium and natural silicone, which promotes skin firmness. Other unusual ingredients include Lypidami Myrrh, an antioxidant with calming properties, and Feverfew, a plant that helps purify and protect the skin.

Sabon sourced ingredients obtained from the shores of the Dead Sea and the nearby Judean desert for its latest collection. Israeli beauty brand Sabon sourced ingredients obtained from the shores of the Dead Sea for its latest collection. (Photo: Sabon)

The range of products in the line include a mud mask, body scrub, mineral body lotion, mineral hand cream, shower oil, three-in-one exfoliating mask, face renewal scrub and deep moisturizing cream.

Sabon is known for its innovative take on time-tested beauty remedies. The company's founders, Avi Piatok and Sigal Kotler-Levi, started making soap in the 1990s in their home in Tel Aviv, using an old recipe they stumbled upon during their travels.

Since Sabon was founded, it has expanded to 130 stores around the world in cities including New York, Tokyo, Amsterdam and Rome. In every store location, customers are treated to a hand washing ritual using Sabon products that takes place around a hand-crafted Jerusalem stone fountain, which has been used as a building material for centuries.

Beauty remedies, like most things in life, get better with age.

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