Watch illusionist Hezi Dean levitate above a busy city street

This isn't the first grand stunt for the Israeli version of David Blaine.

Hezi Dean levitatesHezi Dean levitatesHezi Dean waves to the crowd as he "levitates" above the streets of Tel Aviv. (Photo: Screenshot YouTube)

If you want an idea of what kind of illusionist Hezi Dean is, think of David Blaine and the stunts he's completed over the last 15 years. Being encased in things, or floating over other things, or just seemingly putting himself in danger whenever he gets a chance – it's just another day for the Israeli performer.

Dean showed that yesterday when he appeared to levitate above the streets of downtown Tel Aviv, at Dizengoff Center. The position he was in, though, wasn't on his back; he was standing up, one hand pressed against the building, about 20 feet off the ground. This video from The Guardian shows the stunt and how Dean got down.

Now, there seems to be a few things about that stunt that set off some red flags if you're a skeptic: as the man in the video speculated, it looked like the hand Dean had against the wall was fake, with his real arm stuffed in his hoodie. And he was just high enough to make the stunt look dangerous; if he fell from that height, he might break a leg, but it's not like he was in mortal danger.

Dean does a lot of these stunts. On New Year's Day 2010, he broke Blaine's record for the amount of hours being encased in a block of ice.

He also does stage stunts like this one where he puts a model's head in a box and takes it across the stage. And, like Blaine, he does a lot of up-close street magic for passers-by.

Is he as good as Blaine? You be the judge. But it still takes some guts to float over the busiest part of a major city, so just for that, he deserves some kudos.

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