Pretty flower crowns for summer frolicking

Look like a goddess of the earth in our favorite nature-inspired headpieces.

Summer will be far more fun in a flower crown.Summer will be far more fun in a flower crown.Summer will be far more fun in a flower crown. (Photo: Jana Williams Photo / Courtesy of Celadon and Celery)

Women across the globe are channeling their inner Earth angel and placing nature-inspired crowns on their heads. From popular music festivals like Coachella, to cocktail parties, weddings and weekend jaunts with friends, the flower crown is enjoying its time in the sun as the go-to accessory worn to send out lovely, ethereal vibes.

Whether you’re looking for a fresh floral creation or something a little more budget-friendly that won’t wilt over a weekend, floral designers and retailers now offer a breadth of beautiful, blooming options that will keep you feeling free-spirited, gorgeous and connected to the Earth this season.

Here’s a look at three of our favorite designers and retailers creating unique floral headpieces:

Jasmin Larian

A model showing off the Calypso Crown by Cult Gaia.A model wears the Calypso Crown by Cult Gaia. (Photo: Courtesy of Cult Gaia)

Jasmin Larian, who's now based in Los Angeles, started making flower crowns as a hobby while she was a student at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City. Larian eventually founded Cult Gaia, an online retailer of silk flower crowns, to share faux flower power with the masses. Her silk creations have been worn by celebrities such as Kendall Jenner, Miley Cyrus and Vanessa Hudgens. Tech icon Sean Parker even gifted Cult Gaia flower crowns to guests at his wedding. Cult Gaia crowns range in price from $75-$140.

Avigail Adam

The Berries headband by Tel Aviv designer Avigail Adam.The Berries headband by Tel Aviv designer Avigail Adam. (Photo: Courtesy Avigail Adam)

If you’re going for more Greek goddess and less modern hippie, look no further than Israeli-American designer Avigail Adam’s 24-karat-gold-plated brass headpieces. Adam splits her time between Tel Aviv and New York, where she creates her handmade designs that are inspired by her love of nature and fascination with the culture, fashion and architecture of the ancient civilizations of Greece, Rome and Egypt. Adam’s creations can be found on Etsy and in high-end boutiques around the world, including Paris, London, Madrid, New York, Los Angeles, Tel Aviv and Moscow. Prices range from $70-$120.

Bess Wyrick

Floral artist Bess Wyrick in one of her fresh floral crown creations.Floral artist Bess Wyrick in one of her fresh floral crown creations. (Photo: Courtesy of Celadon and Celery)

Bess Wyrick’s fresh flower crown business took off when she crowned artist Jeff Koons for a cover of New York Magazine. Since then, her floral design firm Celadon and Celery in New York City has been trying to keep up with demand crafting whimsical headpieces for gals looking to rock living art and big brands looking to court them at events. Wyrick and her team tread lightly on Mother Earth by using recycled flowers that have detached from their stems in the process of creating other arrangements. A single Celadon and Celery botanic piece costs between $300 and $500.

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