Makeup tips from a pro to beat the heat

A senior artist for MAC cosmetics shares her secrets for summer makeup.

Makeup artist Netta Szekely travels the world in her role as Senior Makeup Artist at MAC Cosmetics. Makeup artist Netta Szekely travels the world in her role as Senior Makeup Artist at MAC Cosmetics. Makeup artist Netta Szekely travels the world in her role as Senior Makeup Artist at MAC Cosmetics. (Photo: Netta Szekely)

Netta Szekely spent her high school years coloring the lips and drawing eyeliner on faces in magazines. Fascinated and intrigued with makeup, she would sneak into her mother’s makeup drawer and experiment with fun silver eyeshadows, colorful eye pencils and her grandmother’s lipsticks.

“I think I liked the way it made me feel and understood the potential makeup has right there and then,” Szekely tells From The Grapevine. Flash forward a few decades and Szekely is now MAC cosmetics' Senior Artist for Israel, and she's quickly ascended the ranks as one of the top makeup artists in the world.

For Szekely, makeup has always been a means of self-expression as well as an art form, and she believes it can be a way to feel more comfortable in one's skin. “I am so aware of its power to make anyone feel confident and ready to take on the world,” she says.

In her current role, Szekely travels the world to represent the MAC brand at international fashion events and uses her travels as a way to experience different cultures, spot trends and meet new people. Finding inspiration everywhere helps her fine-tune international trends for Israeli women.

“I travel every season for international fashion weeks, I do pro tours around the world where I get to meet local makeup artist communities, influencers, media and MAC teams around the world,” says Szekely. “I present makeup master classes and seminars in front of all these different crowds, lead fashion shows with the MAC teams, work on fashion shoots, TV, editorials and work alongside some of the world’s leading makeup experts and my extremely talented colleagues."

The artist's Instagram feed offers a taste of her well-traveled, behind-the-scenes life, filled with an abundance of makeup, models and photoshoots. It also showcases Szekely's impressive talent, artistic range and ability to bring out the best in each client. She says social media helps her understand what people like and want, which influences her work.

This fall, Szekely will be working backstage with models at London and Paris fashion weeks. She seems to revel in the process. “There is a sense of comfort and ease because it is a very familiar environment and routine, from getting ready for fashion week – stocking the kit and deciding what goes into it is always a long process! – to actually doing it,” she says. “One of the things I love about doing fashion is how energetic backstage life is. The runway is incredible to experience because there's always something new to look at and something new to be learned, even after so many years of doing it.”

During a much-needed lull in her travels, we asked Szekely to offer up easy ways we can not just survive, but thrive in extreme heat. She has three basic tips to maintain flawless makeup all day during these lazy, hazy last days of summer:

Prep the skin

Szekely says we should invest in skincare and primers to bring the best out of our skin so that we can wear less foundation. “Try FIX+ or Softening Lotion which are the lightest enriched water-based formulas to hydrate the skin, instead of a cream emollient,” she explains. "As for a primer, try Prep + Prime CC skin enhancer to create an even skin tone with UV protection. This will make your skin look more even, before you even use foundation.”

Find a focal point

Szekely suggests picking one focus in the face and then leaving the rest minimal for a nonchalant modern look. “The most modern way to wear strong lips is to pair it with a minimally perfected skin,” she told us. “Or you can enhance your lashes which are a very trendy makeup focus for the season using multiple layers of mascara.”

Think longevity

"Long-wearing products are very helpful if you are experiencing a hot and humid summer like we have in Tel Aviv," says Szekely of the coastal Israeli city where she lives. The artist suggests checking out the MAC pro longwear line for a complete suite of long wearing solutions in makeup. “My favorites are Pro Longwear Blush (in Rosy Outlook) and the Pro Longwear Paint pot.

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