Stylish sleepwear for a better night's rest

These nightwear options give 'sleep tight' a whole new meaning.

Azura Bay carries a curated collection of organic and fair trade lingerie and loungewear.Azura Bay carries a curated collection of organic and fair trade lingerie and loungewear.Azura Bay carries a curated collection of organic and fair trade lingerie and loungewear. (Photo: Courtesy photo)

Alas, as the summer winds down and we make our way into fall, our sleepwear drawers await a much-needed edit, just like the rest of our wardrobes. You know what we’re talking about: those old tees and raggy pajamas you’ve been hanging onto and never wear. No judgments here; we could all use a couple new nightwear options.

But finding the right pajamas is more than just selecting something stylish, because what you wear to bed impacts the quality of your sleep. You'll want to focus on high-quality fabric that not only feels good when you put it on, but that can help regulate your body temperature during the night, which will promote better sleep.

And since loungy sleepwear is now considered a high-fashion look worn outside the bedroom on celebrities, models and fashion editors, the time has never been better to step up your sleepwear game. That’s why we shopped around to find you the very best fall options that nightwear has to offer, from organic cotton nighties and lounge shorts to relaxed-fit matching sets for cool, autumn nights.


If Israeli fashion blogger Nastya Lisansky wears Intima sleepwear to bed, you know it’s effortlessly cool. Intima is a brand owned by Golf & Co, one of Israel's largest retail companies in the field of textile and home design, fashion and clothing. They offer a host of super cozy and adorable nightime options like silk nighties (silk is a thermoregulator that will keep you warm when you’re cold and cool when you’re hot), sweet bralettes and gingham cotton pajama sets. Want more? Just peruse their Instagram feed.

Azura Bay

You’ll look like a total sleeping beauty wearing Azura Bay’s sleep and loungewear. The Canada-based company ships globally and offers nightwear that’s as ultra-stylish and sexy as it is crazy cozy. For those brides-to-be out there, you’ll want to check out their bridal collection for your wedding night and honeymoon.


This Australia-based, organic sleep and loungewear label will give you so many reasons to stay in bed all day on a Sunday! We’re loving their organic cotton, seasonally inspired pajama sets as well as their comfy leggings, which are perfect for yoga or bedtime.

Hanky Panky

If you wear thongs, you probably have a few from U.S.-based Hanky Panky, known for creating the world’s most comfortable thong. (No easy feat there!) Hanky Panky places serious focus on quality and comfort, and their sleepwear is filled with colorful nightshirts, babydolls and cozy sleep sets that will offer the wearer stylish options for a better slumber.

Sleep tight!

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