Street-chic superstar shares her inspirations

Renowned fashion blogger Karen Or's styles are edgy, bohemian and anything but predictable.

Fashion blogger Karen Or in a dress by Israeli fashion designer Mor Valin who owns Pioo Pioo boutique in Tel Aviv.Fashion blogger Karen Or in a dress by Israeli fashion designer Mor Valin who owns Pioo Pioo boutique in Tel Aviv.Fashion blogger Karen Or in a dress by Israeli fashion designer Mor Valin who owns Pioo Pioo boutique in Tel Aviv. (Photo: Gaul Porat)

San Francisco-born, Israeli-bred fashion influencer Karen Or captures her bohemian-meets-minimalist street style on her wildly popular blog Street Chic Tel Aviv which coincides brilliantly with her Instagram account. She has a way with mixing vintage pieces and designer brands artfully; she always finds a way to take her look to the next level with devilish detail. She enjoys experimentation and unpredictability.

Glossies like Cosmopolitan and Elle have featured Or on its pages, and the street style superstar was recently named one of the top Israeli fashion bloggers to follow on Instagram. We caught up with the fashion trendsetter to learn about what inspires her work, what she loves about the fashion scene in Israel's coastal metropolis of Tel Aviv, and how she'd like to see her brand evolve.

From The Grapevine: What has been your greatest fashion inspiration?

Karen Or: I was born in the Bay Area in California and moved to Israel when I was 18. I grew up always knowing that I wanted to work in fashion. I wanted to be a fashion designer and I read Vogue and Elle magazine since as long as I can remember. My favorite part were the advertisements, they served as one of my biggest inspirations and I loved the way they were photographed and styled so beautifully.

FTG: When and why did you decide to create your own site?

KO: During my last semester at the IDC Herzliya, a college in Israel, I was inspired by the way all the international girls dressed to go to class. They were always so chic and put together, so I decided to start the blog Street Chic IDC to document my school's street style. Then, when I graduated, I didn't go to campus anymore so I just changed the title to Street Chic Tel Aviv and went around the city photographing what people were wearing. It was much harder, though, and I eventually made the blog about my own personal style.

FTG: What is it about Tel Aviv's fashion scene that you love?

KO: I think Tel Aviv has its own urban, laid-back style that is really effortless. I love photographing the girls in Tel Aviv because they always look so cool and care-free. The fashion scene in Tel Aviv continues to grow and flourish.

FTG: What do you love most about your work?

KO: My passion, which is my blog, is on its way to becoming a full-time job although I still do some freelance work on the side. It took a long time to get here – almost three years! – and I think it has come only after all the hard work and experience along the way. I love images, colors, design, and putting together the perfect outfit shot. I love every stage of styling all the way to the editing and filters.

FTG: Who are some of your favorite designers right now and why?

KO: My style is a mix between bohemian and edgy so I've always gravitated to those types of designers. Chloe, Isabel Marant, and Rachel Zoe have been my longtime favorites.

FTG: What are you most excited about working on right now? And anything coming up we should look out for?

KO: I always love to collaborate with different fashion designers and promote their brands through my own style. Lately I have been working hard on my Instagram account and on my online presence through mobile. I think the next big thing for me is growing that presence and possibly creating an app. I've seen other bloggers start doing that lately and I think it could be a really useful platform.

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