How to throw a 'Star Wars' themed wedding

We explore fun ideas for pulling off 'Star Wars' nuptials with style.

Plan a tasteful and fun "Star Wars" themed wedding like this couple. Plan a tasteful and fun "Star Wars" themed wedding like this couple. Plan a tasteful and fun "Star Wars" themed wedding like this couple. (Photo: Cacá Santoro Photography)

So you’re engaged (congrats are in order!) and now it’s time to start envisioning precisely what you want for the big day. Between the endless deadlines, nitty gritty details and family drama, it can be easy to get so mired in pleasing everyone else that you forget to have fun and dream up a wedding that’s a true reflection of your love – and adoration of the legendary Star Wars saga. Before you elope to a galaxy far, far away, we have some tasteful Star Wars wedding inspiration for you. From wedding rings and dresses to event decor and music, here’s how to pull off a lovely Star Wars wedding without making it feel like a kid’s birthday party.

The cake

Star wars themed grooms cakeYour “Star Wars”-themed fête won't be complete without the perfect cake. (Photo: Ron Ben-Israel)

It doesn’t get much sweeter than a Star Wars wedding cake to top off the night. The key is to be sure it tastes as good as it looks. Find a Jedi master baker to get the cake baked right. We admire renowned Israeli pastry chef Ron Ben-Israel’s delicious and artistic wedding cake creations.


A look at some starry invitations and the residue they can leave behind.A look at some starry invitations and the residue they can leave behind. (Photo: Meg Ruth)

If you're aiming for a glam, galaxy-like Star Wars invite, star confetti is a nice touch. You can also get guests hyped by choosing a custom-made wedding invitation set on Etsy which include save the dates, invitations and RSVP cards. You can even have a Star Wars themed wedding program on Etsy.


Star wars themed name card at wedding reception tableHave some fun with star wars themed table names. (Photo: Cacá Santoro Photography)

Send your guests on an intergalactic journey with directional signs like “Tying the knot on Tatooine,” “Hors d’ Ouevres on Hoth,” and “Entrees on Endor.” Here’s another idea: name your reception tables after your favorite Star Wars characters and have table cards printed for guests to match.

The dress

A chic Stormtrooper-inspired wedding dress beltA chic Stormtrooper-inspired belt. (Photo: Cacá Santoro Photography)

The best idea is to allude to Princess Leia with your wedding dress, but not appear as though you’re dressed in costume as her for Halloween. As you’re wedding dress shopping with your bridal party, look for stunningly simple dresses with a high neck, and long sleeves, perhaps even flared. Or you could add a fun detail to your gown for the reception, like a custom-made Star Wars belt like the one pictured above.

Photo Booth

Personalized wedding photo booths are all the rage so include Star Wars props cleverly in yours so guests have a chance to channel their inner Jedi, too. Here’s some fun and geeky prop ideas: a starry backdrop, Yoda’s ears in honor of the Jedi master, masks, light sabers and stormtrooper blasters. Just be sure the props are age-appropriate for all guests.


Bride and bridesmaids with Princess Leia hairstyleChannel Princess Leia with a more natural updo. (Photo: Tec Petaja/Wedding Dream Services)

We don’t advise you go all-out Princess Leia with braided buns on the side of your head. But you can still give a sophisticated nod to Princess Leia’s signature tresses by choosing a chic Gibson roll with added volume on the sides.

The ring

Brilliant Earth’s Star Wars engagement ringBrilliant Earth’s collection of engagement rings is for “Star Wars” superfans. (Photo: Brilliant Earth)

In honor of the release of “Star Wars: The Force Awakens,” ethical jewelry company Brilliant Earth unveiled six engagement rings inspired by the film’s characters. The “Boba Fett” ring plays off of the character’s helmet and face mask, the “Princess Leia” ring is an ode to her famous buns, and the wearer would surely take command of the “Millennium Force” ring. There’s the “R2D2” sapphire and white gold ring, a simple gold C3PO band and the “Death Star” ring which embodies the station’s dark aura with nine individual diamonds.

Groom's attire

Darth Vader cufflinks and Star Wars figurines on groom's tuxedoDapper details like Darth Vader cufflinks and Star Wars figurines peeking out of a pocket square keep things cheeky. (Photo: Love Me Sailor)

Along with a fresh flower boutonniere, hide the groom’s favorite character in this pocket square. A true groom-fan would take the entire look to the next level with Star Wars-inspired cufflinks. The cufflinks could also make a fun gift from the groom to his groomsmen given at the rehearsal dinner.


Star wars decor adorns wedding bouquetKeep your favorite childhood figurine by your side by incorporating it into your bouquet. (Photo: Instagram: @heavenly_flowers)

We love a gorgeous bridal bouquet, particularly one that features a memorable keepsake that the couple will cherish for years to come. Consider asking your floral artist to tuck a mini Princess Leia into your bouquet.


No Star Wars wedding would be complete without incorporating some of the dramatic Star Wars tunes into your wedding day playlist. A couple of ideas: "Han Solo and the Princess" for the ceremony entrance and "The Throne Room" for the exit. Speaking of making an entrance, you can have light sabers handed out to guests to create a memorable recessional archway or reception entrance. Or you could have stormtroopers escort you both to the wedding.

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