Did Heidi Klum just launch a men’s underwear company?

Supermodel featured in ad for web design company's #ItsThatEasy campaign.

Heidi KlumHeidi KlumHeidi Klum creates a "Heidi Whities" underwear line in her ad for (Photo: Courtesy of

Heidi Klum is an industrious person. She owns a clothing line, is an Instagram superuser, and judges both "Project Runway" and "America's Got Talent." So it's no surprise that the folks at signed her to do an ad for the #ItsThatEasy campaign.

The Klum ad is a continuation of a campaign the Israel-based company started during this year's Super Bowl. Wix provides users the tools to design their own websites. The Super Bowl ad featured former NFL superstars Franco Harris, Terrell Owens and Emmitt Smith, Larry Allen and Brett Favre teaming up with actor Rex Lee – best known for his role as Lloyd in "Entourage" – to create websites for their fictional post-career businesses. We especially would like to try Favre & Carve, the former Packers QB's charcuterie shop.

Klum's ad is along the same vein. In the ad, Klum and Lee attempt to figure out what her new business should be. She tries a few ideas, including "Heidiweiss" beer, before settling on an underwear company named Heidi Whities.

Of course, Klum already sells underwear under the more dignified name "Heidi Klum Intimates." In an oddball mixture of fiction and real life, clicking on the "Shop Now" link on the Heidi Whities site takes you to Heidi Klum Intimates' "HK Man" page. There, you can buy underwear in just about any color ... except white.

Here's the Super Bowl ad, in case you missed it:

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