Meet Korin Avraham, the insanely stylish fashion tastemaker

The down-to-earth fashionista shares a day in the life of a famous blogger.

Israeli fashion trendsetter Korin Avraham in Tel Aviv. Israeli fashion trendsetter Korin Avraham in Tel Aviv. Fashion trendsetter Korin Avraham walk along the beach in Tel Aviv. (Photo: Mark Segal)

She’s starred in campaigns for Hennessy, Veuve Cliquot and Adidas, attends the most coveted fashion shows around the world – Paris, Milan and Tel Aviv – and an endless array of luxury brands want to dress her. Meet Korin Avraham, the eternally positive, energetic and wickedly smart Israel-based fashion trendsetter who is widely considered one of the world's most influential fashion bloggers.

Energetic Israeli fashion blogger Korin Avraham in a bold summery pattern befitting of her personality. Energetic Israeli fashion blogger Korin Avraham in a bold summery pattern befitting of her personality. (Photo: Myriam Cohenca)

Avraham wears her heart on her sleeve on her popular blog Ya Salam. Fans don’t just love how she’s outfitted at fabulous locales (basically every photo shoot would be a dream vacation to us!) but just how relatable and open she is with readers. With 33,000 followers on her Instagram feed, each post is a reflection of her mood at the moment, and she tends to digress a bit about life, relationships, moods, places and people who inspire her.

But her journey to globetrotting trendsetter is an interesting one. She started her career in the courtroom. We chatted with Avraham about the mission behind her work, what a day in her life looks like, and some of her favorite pinch-me moments.

Korin's picnic chic photoshoot in Milan with Veuve Clicquot. Korin's picnic chic photo shoot in Tel Aviv with Veuve Clicquot. (Photo: Aya Efraim)

From The Grapevine: You ditched law to pursue fashion blogging. Why did you feel compelled to start Ya Salam and create your own business? What was the transition like for you?

Korin Avraham: Law was something everyone told me I should do since I started talking, and it was the natural choice when I got to the stage of going to school. I loved studying law and even did a Master of Law after I passed the bar exam. I was really good at law and even when I first started, it was clear that I was riding on the law horse so well that my boss decided that I should be a litigator and fight for people's problems with my best weapon, my mouth. Being in court and representing people is an interesting job, but it's also very stressful and it can make you a person that needs to be guarded and argumentative. I started to feel that it was taking my feminine and gentle aspect and warmth out of me so much, and slowly decided to go with my heart. I didn't jump into fashion blogging cold but took it one step at the time, beginning with reducing my law job to part time. Then when Ya Salam became a solid business, I was ready to jump into it completely. I now understand the saying about how when you do what you love it's not work, it's expressing yourself. I love it.

FTG: Everyone, we think, is secretly fascinated with what a full-time fashion blogger's day-to-day is like. What's the typical day like for you at home in Israel?

KA: Wow, get ready for a super active day! I love waking up early in the morning, then first thing is taking George – my sweet dog – for a walk at the beach and grabbing my coffee from the local coffee place. Then when the caffeine kicks in, I'm on the computer, sending proposals and answering emails. If it's a photo shoot day, I'm picking up the outfits and shoes, getting my makeup done at MAC (I'm super addicted to this brand and their team!) then getting my hair done and heading to the location. I'm always preparing myself as much as I can to do the shooting and then trying to just enjoy the natural flow. It's always fun and full of good energy on the set and I cheerfully pick the people I'm working with to make sure they're all down to earth, love what they're doing and here to enjoy it all together. In between, I usually talk to my family on the phone and make plans with friends for drinks or dinner, which I'll most likely photograph as well! I come home usually tired, I relax for a bit, have a glass of wine maybe, post on Instagram, work on the next post, take George for a walk and work until very late at night. If I'm not shooting, I usually have meetings with clients and attend fashion events.

FTG: You're photographed at fashion shows all over the world. Who are some of your favorite Israeli designers right now?

KA: The first one is Anaelle Levi, she designed my wedding dress and since then, we became friends and totally consider ourselves as sisters. She and I are very close and always working on our next dress. She is the most talented and passionate person I have ever met. Anaelle is not even a designer for me, she is a pure artist! I absolutely love Elen Lukash who is also such a creative mind and a fabulous person, and I consider her a dear friend. I also admire talents like Dana Sidi, Hagar Kedmiand Barak Lahav. I'm always keeping my eyes open on designers that are under the radar.

FTG: You've worked with some of the world's most-recognized brands who fly you all over the world to be an ambassador for their brand. Can you share one collaboration in particular where you had one of those pinch-me-I-can't-believe-this-is-happening-to-me moments?

KA: I have to admit, it is so hard to pick. I always think: "OK that is the biggest thing that has happened to me, really!" and then the next thing is the most unbelievable thing that I could ever imagine. One of the best moments for me was the amfAR event during the Cannes Film Festival last year where I got the chance to be in the most happening places in the the world with supermodels, Hollywood actors and A-list celebrities. The second one is my visit to the Veuve Cliquet mansion, Hotel du Marc, where I was hosted like a princess. The third one is my red carpet moment at the premier of "Macbeth" during the Cannes film Festival. The Fendi show which I attended this past Milan Fashion Week was incredible!

FTG: When you're not traveling, you're Instagramming all over the city of Tel Aviv in Israel. What do you love and appreciate about the culture and fashion scene in your city?

KA: Seriously, I love it all! I love how it's laid back, chill, and everything here is so fabulous just even by the fact that most of the activities can be outside in the most amazing weather. Even walking my dog in the morning by the beach makes me feel so lucky. As far as the fashion scene here, it's still young, but I really want to be a part of a movement to help Israeli designers get the global market and global prestige they deserve.

Korin collaborated with Israeli bridal wear designer Anaelle Levi on creating 3 wedding dresses for her special day. Korin wearing Israeli designer Liron Erel. (Photo: Liron Erel)

FTG: What are you most excited about working on right now? And anything coming up we should look out for?

Korin Avraham: I have the Cannes Film Festival coming up in May. I wish I could share more details about my upcoming projects, but I can't at the moment! It means everything to me that people comment on my posts, write me or stop me on the street to share with me their thoughts and feelings about my blog. I would never have gotten to the place I am without them!

Korin Avraham with fellow Israeli blogger Roza Sinaysky. Korin Avraham with fellow Israeli blogger Roza Sinaysky. (Photo: Andrew Habeck)

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