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Liron Itzhakov opens up about what inspires her work and future plans for her label.

Emerging Israeli designer Liron Itzhakov (right) with fashion blogger Roza Sinaysky. Emerging Israeli designer Liron Itzhakov (right) with fashion blogger Roza Sinaysky. Emerging Israeli designer Liron Itzhakov (right) with fashion blogger Roza Sinaysky (left). (Photo: Moody Roza)

Fashion designer Liron Itzhakov Fashion designer Liron Itzhakov

You’ve probably already spotted the wildly colorful and playful creations from Israeli-born fashion designer Liron Itzhakov. They’re hard to miss on fashion’s most influential blogger’s Instgram accounts; Roza Sinaysky and Korin Avraham are among her loyalists. After graduating from the prestigious Instituto Marangoni in London in 2012 and then working for fashion label Peter Pilotto to master the trade, Itzhakov went back home to Tel Aviv to launch her eponymous womenswear label.

Her first collection, Spring/Summer 2016, was a standout at Fashion Week in Tel Aviv; her hyper-relevant designs with feminine shapes and unforgettable bursts of color established her as one of fashion’s up-and-coming talents. Here’s a self-fulfilling prophecy if we’ve ever heard of one: At the age of 11, when asked to write down her dreams for a career, Itzhakov wrote that she wanted to become a “successful fashion designer.”

We chatted with Itzhakov to find out why she started her brand, what inspired her latest collection, and what the future holds for this emerging design talent.

A playful skirt and top from Liron Itzhakov's SS16 collection. A playful skirt and top from Liron Itzhakov's SS16 collection. (Photo: Liron Itzhakov)

From The Grapevine: How would you describe your design philosophy?

Liron Itzhakov: I live by “walk, don’t run” and “make clothes fun.” I believe that we have to enjoy the moment knowing that it’s a long and hard way to get to what we dream of.

FTG: What inspired your SS16 collection?

LI: My inspiration for my SS16 collection was the artwork exhibition by the Swiss artist Ugo Rondinone, who created sculptures from rocks colored in neon such as vibrant yellow, pink and blue. His presentation was a huge inspiration for me; the use of raw metals such as rocks and stones but polished with human hands. This contrast and use of raw materials to express human modernity had a huge influence on my collection. The collection is all about bright neon colors, feminine shapes, classic cuts, special woven fabrics and floral prints; a mixture of textures and fabric manipulations.

FTG: When you’re not working or designing, what do you enjoy doing most?

LI: The thing I enjoy the most is the creative process: designing collections from sketch, to illustration, to pattern making. Even though I’m not a student anymore I keep a research book filled with sketches, images and writings.

FTG: Where do you find inspiration?

LI: My main influences are usually art, such as paintings, sculpture and photography. One amazing artist that is a constant inspiration for me is the German painter Olaf Hajak. I am mostly inspired by nature and interior design. I truly love modern art, and I think naive art is the best example for that – the capture of daily life and colors. Therefore, I love everything that comes with color, and colors and prints are the main focus in my collections.

FTG: How did your experience in London shape you as a designer?

Liron Itzhakov: London gave me so much; I lived there for four years studying and working, making new friends from all over the world, learning cultures, different languages and mentalities. I moved back to Tel Aviv because there is no place like home. I believe that if you make a good product and keep your brand authentic, you have a better chance to get recognized in the fashion industry.

FTG: How does Tel Aviv influence your design aesthetic?

LI: I love working here because this is first of all my homes, it’s where I came from. I love Tel Aviv's weather and people. To me, these two signify what Tel Aviv is all about. It makes the working environment more fun, easygoing, chill and vibrant. And I truly believe that Tel Aviv is getting bigger and better in terms of fashion. It’s a young city, in a very young country, and I believe Tel Aviv will be considered one of the fashion capitals.

FTG: How do you see your brand evolving?

LI: I'd like to see my brand in a few years in boutiques and department stores worldwide and on top online boutiques. I truly believe that the main goal of the brand is to enter to the European market and the Asian market together with Moscow and New York. I would love to have a successful e-commerce site to be able to reach women around the world. One more thing, and one of the most important things, is to be known in Israel, to have a large clientele, a nice studio-showroom and a good and kind team working together with me.

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