Entrepreneur Magazine names top emerging tech hubs

Jerusalem joins Stockholm, Buenos Aires, Santa Monica and Pune on investor's list.

Jerusalem light railJerusalem light railA light rail moves down Jaffa Street in Jerusalem. The city was cited as one of the world's best emerging tech cities. (Photo: Noam Chen / Israel Ministry of Tourism/Flickr)

If you've been paying attention to tech coverage here and elsewhere, you know that Tel Aviv is one of the world's top tech cities. But what about Jerusalem? Considering the cities are less than 50 miles apart, it stands to reason that some of Tel Aviv's tech talent has moved to its neighbor to the south.

One tech investor, Zach Cutler, believes the city is on the verge of joining Tel Aviv as a big-time tech hub. Cutler included Jerusalem in his list of five emerging tech cities at He ranked Jerusalem at the top, followed by Stockholm, Buenos Aires, Santa Monica, Calif., and Pune, India.

Cutler cites not only the city's proximity to Tel Aviv, but the presence of top researchers graduating from Hebrew University and the city's other universities. He also takes time to single out Made in Jerusalem, an association that connects and supports startups.

Employees at the Jerusalem headquarters of Glide, a popular iPhone messaging app.Employees at the Jerusalem headquarters of Glide, a popular iPhone messaging app. (Photo: Courtesy Glide)

Other factors went into Cutler's list: proximity to larger cities (Pune is near Mumbai and Santa Barbara is near Los Angeles); a low cost of living (Buenos Aires) and proximity to a major tech university (the Royal Institute of Technology is in Stockholm).

So when you hear about that neat app or latest amazing tech news, don't assume it comes from the usual cities. This list proves that good tech minds are everywhere, which is what's most exciting about the tech world to begin with.

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