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Gett, Uber can help you hail a pizza

Ridesharing services expand technology to food and service deliveries.

Grabbing pizzaGrabbing pizzaSoon, you may be able to use the Gett ridesharing app to order a pizza and other services. (Photo: Air Images / Shutterstock)

In cities across the world, "Uber" has become as popular a brand name as "Kleenex" or "Thermos." But just like there are many brands of tissues and drink containers, there are a number of different app-based ridesharing services available. One of them is trying to distinguish itself by allowing users to hail more than a cab.

GetTaxi, an Israeli company that operates in New York, London and a number of Israeli and Russian cities, will expand its business to food and service deliveries, according to TechCrunch. The company will drop "Taxi" from its name and operate as Gett, a name familiar to those who use the service in New York.

Shahar Waiser, cofounder and CEO of GetTaxi, speaking in Moscow in 2012.Shahar Waiser, cofounder and CEO of GetTaxi, speaking in Moscow in 2012. (Photo: Hubert Burda Media/Flickr)

Gett customers will be able to order food for delivery like pizza and sushi, or order groceries, flowers, a massage. The mission is to deliver within 10 minutes. Eventually, Gett may even have a doctor or plumber on call for emergencies.

No news, yet, on what services Gett will roll out first and where.

It's an idea that's intriguing, to say the least. Residents who don't drive can use the same app to order dinner or summon a doctor. Very convenient. But what if Gett's preferred pizza source is from a supermarket freezer? How much DiGiorno can one person eat?

Uber has also started a food delivery service called Uber Eats, piloting in New York, Chicago, Barcelona and Los Angeles. "From tap to table in minutes," says its web page; using the same payment system as its parent app and Uber drivers, food can be delivered in the same timeframe as ordering a ride.

If anyone can set up this business and compete with mobile-app delivery companies like Seamless, it's a company like Gett or Uber, which already has the infrastructure and customer base in place to ramp up quickly.

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