How 'Grey's Anatomy' led to a woman's breast cancer diagnosis

Episode prompts Israeli fan to seek a second opinion about a lump on her breast. It may have saved her life.

Grey's Anatomy castGrey's Anatomy castAn Israeli woman got a second opinion on a negative breast cancer diagnosis after watching an episode of the long-running drama "Grey's Anatomy." (Photo: Bob D'Amico / ABC)

Some people can't watch medical TV dramas without thinking they have the same ailment as the show's patient of the week.

But in the case of Sarit Fishbaine, an episode of "Grey's Anatomy" sparked her to get a second opinion about something she already suspected: that she had a cancerous lump in her breast.

Fishbaine, who lives in Israel, told Yahoo Parenting the tale. While nursing her youngest daughter, Fishbaine detected lumps in her breast, which her doctor diagnosed as pooled milk. Six months later, however, she was watching an episode of Shonda Rhimes' "Grey's Anatomy," where a patient who had been nursing was diagnosed with breast cancer. After the show, Fishbaine decided to seek a second opinion and got the bad news: she had Stage III breast cancer that had spread to her lymph nodes. After treatment, she is now cancer-free, and more trusting of her gut than ever.

"I’ve learned to always trust my instincts, even if they’re set off by something as silly as a TV show. You just never know," she told Yahoo.

Her story went viral, including a Facebook post from Rhimes herself, with one simple word: "Humbling."

By the way, Fishbaine's maiden name is Engelberg. Yes, that's right: she's the daughter of "baby whisperer" Sydney Engelberg, who became internet famous last week when pictures of him holding a baby while he taught a graduate class at Hebrew University in Jerusalem went viral. We're guessing that while reporting the first story, Yahoo's Raven Snook found Engelberg praising his daughter, as parents do, which led to this wonderful story. It's amazing what you can find if you just ask, right?

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